Student Awareness – 5 Awareness sessions which are a must for college students


Today, in this article I would like to address a serious issue which has been hovering over all the young minds of our community. The students sometimes find themselves in a comprising situation in which they do not know how to react or deal with it. Here, I am not talking about their academics, but the way they live their lives, the way they face their problems and the grace with which they maintain their social and family relationships. There is a need to educate our future generation by creating awareness about the issues prevailing in the society related to them and how should one overcome them. For this, the colleges or schools can play their part in conducting awareness sessions for students on various known topics which will prove to be fruitful in a student’s life.

 5 Student Awareness sessions which are a must for them

1. Emotional Health

Imagine yourself as a lonely teenager finding ways to live your life happily but unfortunately, you are not able to do that. The main reason behind this condition might be social awkwardness, unhealthy relationships or a stressful life. Students nowadays tend to become more skeptical about their decisions in life which they know very well, are going to be judged by a bunch of people living in their surroundings. As a result, they stress too much regarding their situation which gives way to poor emotional health. An awareness of this topic can help the students to make them believe in their decisions and it can surely boost up their self-esteem. The session can focus on making the students understand that each and every person is different and its okay to have different perceptions on various matters. A poor emotional health subsequently has its impact on other parts of a student’s life too, therefore this session can help the student to have a happy and contented life.

2. Physical Health

Along with a stable and sound mind, a student needs to have a fit and healthy body to be able to concentrate on his life and career in the most desirable way. A body which is constantly in the habit of getting infected or falling sick cannot whole-heartedly focus on its goals and ways to achieve them. Though the students have a stable mind, they can make sound decisions but their body doesn’t allow or help them to execute their plans. They are vulnerable because of their health problems due to which the students fail in their life. A session on what are the reasons for such a condition and how to improve your physical health can definitely help the students to achieve the best.

3. Eating Habits

A deteriorating physical health can also be a result of wrong eating habits. Of course, one cannot resist those delicacies which are sold in your college canteen or outside your college in food street stalls. These lip-smacking food items can be consumed once in a while but having them regularly can create serious problems for you and your tummy. Nowadays, students are more into a race where they constantly try to gain attention on social media by visiting those lavish restaurants and proving themselves that they are a big foodie. But they fail to recognise the ill-effects of having outside food more often, leading to overweight and obesity. This awareness session will help the students to maintain a balanced diet and moreover keep their meals in check.

4. Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Apart from grooming on an individual basis, teenagers nowadays need a session on how to maintain relationships with those people who play a significant role in their daily lives. They can be their family, relatives, neighbours, servants etc. Due to the fast-paced life, a student fails to acknowledge the people around him and finds excuses to ignore these people in his life. Maintaining healthy, caring and lovable relationships with your family and relatives can help you to reduce your stress levels, be healthier and live longer. A family is the one who will support you in your bad times and stand by you no matter what. The temporary relationships which you have maintained outside your home will slowly start to fade away once you have passed a particular phase of life but your parents, your siblings and your loved ones the people who will stay with you forever.

Maintain healthy relationships

5. Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Last but not the least, the most heart-wrenching issue faced by the youth in today’s world is the consumption of alcohol and drugs. A student can start consuming these things may be due to peer pressure, show off, status symbol or poor emotional health, but the effects of this behaviour are far more worst and dangerous. Once the addiction to these items becomes chronic, a person finds it very difficult to get himself out of this condition. He cannot focus on his studies or work, maintaining social and family relationships and other important tasks in his life. The depression, anxiety and addiction encourage him to drink more and as a result, his life becomes meaningless. We don’t want our future generation to fall into this deadly trap and therefore students should be educated for the same.

Having these points listed out, I genuinely feel that the school and college authorities follow this idea of educating the students through these awareness sessions. Let’s help each other in creating a better future for ourselves and the ones living around us!