Stress Management – Looking for a stress free path? Well, look no further


Stress management is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of techniques and therapies that essentially aim at controlling an individuals level of stress or rather, distress.

Stress results in a number of physical and mental symptoms, including depression that cannot and should not be taken lightly.

If you know of a person who is stressed out, rather than ridiculing the person, try and ease his/her situation either directly or indirectly, through moral support.

Most students develop higher levels of stress and anxiety when it comes to everyday activity. However, there are simple ways to combat stress in an everyday environment.

The first and foremost means of fighting stress is a good, attitude. Although easier said than done, a positive attitude can go a long way. A little laughter here and there helps your body release happy hormones that automatically brighten your mood thereby improving your day considerably. Also try and ensure you spend time with optimistic people who support you and want to see you succeed. School can be a trying period and tough levels of competition can lead to negative friendships and ultimately, a negative friend circle.

It also necessary to understand that there are certain things that are beyond your control. So instead of trying to solve every problem on your own and stressing about not being able to, distance yourself from the issue and let it sort itself out. After a while, you will realize that your problem was trivial and you were unnecessarily worried about an outcome that was never in your hands.

Time management also plays an important role in regulating stress levels. When you map out your day, you automatically know where you’re lagging behind and then you can systematically work on those areas. Always remember that you are human and there is only so much you can do in a day. Therefore, try and avoid taking up more than you can manage. Be assertive when it comes to requests and say no to any added burden. You need to make time for yourself. So, every day, ensure you have time to carry out activities that cater to your interests – reading, writing, sports or just listening to music. The ultimate aim of carrying out such activities or hobbies is to ensure you make time to relax at all costs. Everybody requires a certain amount of tranquility in life so make sure you set aside a part of your day to relax your mind and body. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep every day also helps with reducing stress levels. When you sleep, your body shuts down putting all anxiety-inducing activities at bay. Thus, when you get enough of sleep, your body rejuvenates and you automatically feel more energetic and capable of ticking off more number of tasks on your list.

Physical activity and well-balanced meals also play an incredible role in reducing stress. Your body can function best when it is fit and healthy. So ensure you eat right and exercise daily.

Another fantastic means of preventing a burn out is relaxation techniques. By this, I mean activities like yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. These activities are known to help combat stress and induce a state of calm. So if you’re not too much of an outdoorsy person, these techniques are a good option for you.

Many individuals tend to resort to substances to help them fight stress. While drugs and alcohol may seem like the best bet at first, it merely dulls your senses. It doesn’t completely take the stress away. So when you snap out of your trance, you’re still stuck in the same situation as before. So instead of relying on such means, seek help by talking about your problems either to a trained professional, relative or friend you can trust and be yourself with.

In the end, the battle against stress all boils down to you and how you choose to deal with it. Stressing about stress is common amongst individuals but to avoid any unnecessary strain, employing the above methods in your life is a simple way to a happy, stress-free life.

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