SSC Tier III Preparation | How to deal with it?


SSC CGL Tier III Exam – What is it?

The SSC CGL Tier III exam is a test of the writing capabilities of the candidates. The Tier III Exam will also check how does a candidate present his point of view and opinion about any topic. The exam will be of a descriptive nature. So, it’s time for all the candidates to pick the pen and start writing.

SSC CGL Tier III Exam – Pattern.

  • The Tier III paper will be a descriptive paper of 100 marks.
  • The duration of the exam is 1 hour (60 minutes).
  • SSC CGL Tier III exam will be an Offline Exam (Pen and paper format).
  • This paper will be bilingual, and it can be written either in Hindi or in English.
  • It will have questions for Essay writing (250 words), precis writing and letter writing.

The marks scored in SSC CGL Tier III Exam paper will be included in the preparation of the Final Merit List of SSC CGL 2020. This paper will be bilingual, and it can be written either in Hindi or in English.

SSC CGL Tier III Exam – What to read?

  1. Newspapers – The Hindu, Indian Express, The Mint etc – reading of these newspapers will be very beneficial for the preparation of the content for Essay Topics. Make notes on the important editorials and the facts in these newspapers which can be directly used in the essay.
  2. “Descriptive English” by S.P. BAKSHI to understand the basic writing skills for essay, letter and precis
  3. “151 Essays” by S.C Gupta – a broad range of essay topics have been covered in this book. It will give you a basic idea about essay writing, content and essay structure.
  4. “Handbook for letter writing” by S.C. Gupta for the basics of Letter writing.

SSC CGL Tier III Exam – How to Prepare?

This paper is introduced to check the writing skills of the candidates . The best way to score good marks is ‘ Practice ‘ only . For this exam you have to focus on Esaay / letter / application / precis writing .


  • The first and foremost step in preparation for SSC CGL Tier III will be writing practice. Every sincere candidate should be writing at least 2 pages a day.
  • Read Editorials in newspapers and try to understand their structure and style. This will help in preparation of the structure of your essay.
  • By reading newspaper you will get to know the new words which you can use while writing essay.
  • Practice writing essay it will help you during the exam.
  • For essay preparation, prepare mind maps of important topics in news recently – like Rural electrification, India’s performance at CWG 2018 etc.
  • The focus of the Essay should be on Quality instead of Quantity.
  • It should show both pros and cons of the topic
  • Use subheadings in the essay. Do not write long paragraphs.
  • Do not present extreme views. The essay should be balanced.
  • Give precise Introduction and Conclusion.
  • There is an essay structure which you can follow:

1. Introduction

2. Background

3. Concept

4.  Good sides

5. Bad sides

6. Suggestions

7. Conclusion

Essay Topics for SSC CGL Tier III

  • Rural electrification
  • India’s performance at CWG 2018
  • Bullet Trains – Boon or Bane
  • Demonetization
  • Religious Tolerance -Is it under threat?
  • E-Governance
  • Women Empowerment – Actions by Government
  • Rural Banking – Government schemes.   



  • Be perfect with the format  of Letter writing. If a letter’s format  is not correct, then the candidate may lose marks there.
  • Practice both types of letter i.e formal & informal.
  • Avoid rewriting & cutting .
  • The use of active and passive voice should be appropriate.
  • Good handwriting and spacing of letters results into a good presentation, which is essential.
  • Be balanced in your approach to the topic and try to include both positives and negatives about the topic, it will display your grasp on the topic.
  • There should be no grammatical errors.
  • Here is letter format which you can follow :



3. Subject

4. Content


Letter writing topics – SSC CGL Tier III

  • Complain letter regarding trouble common people faced due to Shortage of Cash in ATM’s.
  • Letter about benefits and drawbacks of Demonetization
  • Complain letter about Traffic problem near your locality and suggestions to improve it.
  • Letter to present views on Reducing Corruption in Government offices.
  • Letter to present views on Impact of Global warming.



  • The first focus should be on reading the passage very carefully and getting an idea about the underlying message being conveyed through the passage.
  • Do not repeat sentences from the Passage itself.
  • Try and write a summary in your own words as much as possible.
  • Try to use one word in the precis for a group of words from the passage.
  • Do not overshoot the word limit. Exceeding it slightly (2 or 3 words) should be fine.

This brings us to the end of this blog on SSC CGL Tier III Exam preparation strategy. We hope you this useful.

All the best for SSC CGL Tier III Exam!!