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Preparing Reasoning for SSC JE exam would be a smart move. A lot of candidates feel that the General Intelligence and Reasoning section of SSC JE Paper I is a hurdle for them to get selected. Well,the GI and Reasoning part is important without a doubt. It is worth 50 marks. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this section can make all the difference in you getting selected by helping you touch the cutoff for the paper I. Now, the thing is GI and Reasoning is full of interesting topics that might sound complicated at first but with a little bit of practice, they can fetch you good marks quickly. One such interesting topics in SSC JE similarity questions.

Similarity questions, also known as SSC JE difference questions are quite simple. You just need to pick the odd one out. Almost all of us has some experience in solving these questions. The premise is simple – you would be given a list of options that form a group. You would need to select an option that doesn’t fit to be a part of that group. SSC JE similarity questions are pretty important. Out of all questions for reasoning in 2018, around 8 to 9 questions were asked on similarity and dissimilarity. So, if you are looking to get selected in SSC JE 2019, you don’t want to leave these questions out of your SSC JE preparation.

Different Categories of SSC JE Similarity Questions

In SSC JE 2017, three different types of SSC JE difference questions were asked. In 2019, questions on similarity for SSC JE is expected to divide into these three categories as well. These categories are as mentioned below.  

General Similarity- Dissimilarity Questions

You would be given a list of things as options and you would be asked to pick the odd one out. This would be more clear with the help of an example.
Example 1: Pick the odd one out of the following

  1. Bird
  2. Man
  3. Tree
  4. Mountain

Here, ‘Mountain’ is the right answer as all the other are living things, hence the answer is Option (4).

Similarity-Dissimilarity Questions based on Numbers

You would be four options. Each option would have two numbers. These two numbers would be related in a particular way. This same connection would be there for three of the four options. You need to choose one that doesn’t have that connection. Lets take an example of this for better understanding. 

Example 2: Pick the odd one out of the following

  1. 7-14
  2. 6-12
  3. 2-4
  4. 3-9

You can see that in most options, the second number is the product of the multiplication between 2 and the first number. However, this is not the case in option (4). Hence, the right option is Option (4).

Similarity-Dissimilarity Questions based on Letters

You would be given a sequence of letters in each of the options. You need to find the option where the sequence doesn’t share the same connection as the others do. One example of these type of question would present a better picture. 

Example 3: Pick the odd one out of the following

  1. RETY
  2. DOBN
  3. KPLE
  4. VDF

Here you are can see that all the options have at least one vowel, except option (4), which have all consonants, namely V,D,F and C. Hence the answer is Option(4).

Example 4: In the following question, select the odd word from the given alternatives. (SSC JE Paper I, 2019)

  1. Goggle 
  2. Purse 
  3. Accessories 
  4. Belt

Just take a quick look at the all the options. Googles, Purse, and Belt are all the accessories that you wear. Therefore, the odd one out is, of course, the Option (3)– Accessories. All the other options can be said to be types, belonging to the same category, whereas the ‘Accessories’ is a category in itself.

Steps For Solving SSC JE Similarity Questions

Let us take a quick look at the steps that you can follow to solve SSC JE Difference Questions easily and quickly.

Step 1 – Look at the Options – The first thing that you need to do is look at the options that are given to you. Remember, three of the options have to be connected to each other.
Step 2 – See the Connection – In most cases, just looking at the options is enough to come up with a connection. If you can’t find a connection, try to look at just option 1 and 2 as a pair and option 3 and 4 as another pair. You would find a connection in one of the pairs.
Step 3 – Eliminate the Options – Once you have found a connection between a pair, try to extend it to the third option as well. As a result of this, you are only left with the option that is the odd one.

Quick Tips for Solving SSC

  1. Look at the options twice
  2. Try to form pairs of options that seem connected and then extend to the third option.
  3. In case of numbers, try to find out the relation between the first pair of the number. In many cases, the relations might be complicated. For example, you need to multiply something with the first number and then add something to reach at the second number. Keeping a calm head is key here.
  4. Similarity and dissimilarity questions are among the easiest amongst all the SSC reasoning topics. However, if the answers are not coming to right away, don’t lose hope. Just try to think calmly.

Some Practice Questions

Here we would be presenting a few more examples of the questions. So that you can understand the variety of similarity question in SSC JE Exam.  

Question 1: In the following question, select the odd word from the given alternatives. (SSC JE 2017)


  1. Grapes
  2. Guava
  3. Cauliflower
  4. Orange

Correct Answer: Cauliflower

Question 2: In the following question, select the odd word from the given alternatives. (SSC JE 2017)


  1. Tyre
  2. Car
  3. Steering
  4. Seat

Correct Answer: Car

Questions 4: Select the odd word/letters/number/word pair/number pair from the given alternatives. (SSC JE 2016)


  1. DTF
  2. UEF
  3. AIA
  4. BHG

Correct Answer: AIA

This is how you can ace similarity and dissimilarity questions for your SSC JE preparation. Study smart now and you would definitely see your name on the merit list of SSC JE 2019. The Applicants can refer more of such articles on the below links. 

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