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When you are preparing for SSC JE, it is important that you constantly test yourself to know how your preparation is going on. A lot of students just keep on covering the syllabus and then solve previous year question papers for SSC JE. This is a weak strategy. SSC JE is a competitive exam and an intensely competitive one at that. You need to have a smart strategy, and for that, you need to test yourself at regular intervals. This helps you to finetune your SSC JE preparation as you can know what parts from specific topics you have studied well and which parts need more focus. One of the best ways of doing that is subscribing to a test series. But which SSC JE test series are right for you, which ones should you get, what are the advantages of getting SSC JE test series. We know that all these questions come to your mind when you are looking to get SSC JE test series. Here, we would try to find the answers to some of the questions and help you to choose the best SSC JE test series.

A Few Facts About SSC JE Test Series

Before we look at which test series is best for you, let us first know a bit about the test series as a whole and see what you can expect from a proper test series.

What are the SSC JE Test Series?

They are basically mock tests that have questions based on the trends and the patterns of the SSC JE. Most test series not only give you questions from previous year papers, but also the ‘type’ of questions that might come in the coming years. This helps you to understand the type of questions that come in the exam and prepare accordingly.

What Can You Expect from Test Series for SSC JE Exam?

The Structure – The ‘structure’ of the test series differs from place to place. At most places, you would get sectional tests, which would have questions from a specific section like Reasoning. Some might even have tests on specific topics like Visual Memory, English Comprehension, and the likes. They would also have full-length mock tests where they would have questions from all the parts of the syllabus.

The Timing – The timing of the question differs from test to test. The full-length tests would be timed like the real SSC JE exam. For example, if you would be a full-length mock test for SSC JE exam, the time allotted would be 1 hour, just like the real exam. This really helps to get comfortable with the real exam situation.

The Markings – You would be marked just the real SSC JE exam. You would get 1 mark for every right answer and 0.25 marks would be deducted from the final score for every wrong answer.

The Score – You would get a score based on your performance and it would be calculated just as SSC would calculate your marks. The best part is that you would also get a ranking which would calculate your ranks based on the performance of all the other candidates that gave the exam. This would surely be a great confidence-booster for you!

SSC JE Online Test Series vs Offline Test Series

When you are looking to get SSC JE test series, you have two options in front of you. Either you can go for SSC JE Online Test, where you would have to answer the questions on your computer. Or you can go for SSC JE offline test series, where you would have to go to a coaching center and give the test. Well, the choice would depend on your personal preferences. Here, we are going to give you advantages of both the types of the test series and so that you can see for you for yourself, which is the best option for you.

Advantages of SSC JE Online Test Series

  • You can write the test from the convenience of your home.
  • You would get to compete against a larger pool of candidates, which would give you a more clearer picture of your preparation.
  • Online test series are cheaper than offline test series.
  • You can give the test any time you feel like

Advantages of SSC JE Offline Test Series

  • After the test, you can clarify your doubts from the instructor at the coaching institute.
  • Some candidates might have an issue about online payment. Most offline test series would allow you to pay offline in cash, cheque or DD.

According to us, the best way is to enroll at a coaching center and then enroll for online test series at multiple portals. This would give you the best of both worlds. Let us take a quick look at some of the best SSC JE Online Test Series that you can enroll.

The Best SSC JE Online Test Series

Let us look at the at some of the best SSC JE Online Test Series that you can opt for.

1. Career Launcher GKP


  • Chapter-wise booklets for conceptual clarity
  • Solved Papers.
  • Practice online with 50+ chapter-wise tests and get instant reports
  • Half and full-length mocks
  • Practice with a FREE mobile app which includes 400 questions.

Paid/Free – Paid

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2. Engineers Academy


  • 35 tests
  • Tests are conducted in both English and Hindi
  • Questions are according to the new pattern
  • Expert guidance
  • All-India Ranking

Paid/Free – Paid

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3. Adda247


  • Instant ranking and results
  • All India Rankings
  • You would get a detailed analysis of all the questions that you answered right as well as the ones that you answered wrong.
  • The entire mock test would cost Rs. 499. This is one of the cheapest options out there.

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So, this was some of the things that you should know about SSC JE Test Series. You can check out the following articles for more information on SSC JE Preparation.