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The SSC Junior Engineering Exam is one of the top exams for engineering jobs in the country. Every year, thousands of the applicants apply and appear for this exam and hence it is very important to study well to qualify. The reasoning is one of the section of the paper I, it is comparatively easy to solve and helps the applicant to touch the minimum cutoff for the SSC JE Exam. While preparing reasoning for the exam, tips can be very useful. Tips not only save your time that you can use in other sections, but it will also give you confidence about your exam. Keeping that thinking in mind, we present you the SSC JE Reasoning Preparation tips. Please be noted that these are the general tips if you want to achieve the accuracy in solving questions, we advise practising.

SSC JE Reasoning Preparation Tips

The Reasoning section consists of around 25% marks of the overall marking. So scoring a good score in this section would help you a lot for clearing your paper I of SSC JE exam. We would be dividing the preparative tips in 2 parts, one would be general preparation tips, and another part would be more of subject specific. Let’s start!

SSC JE Reasoning Preparation General Tips

These are the tips that general and should be followed always for the better result. For SSC JE Exam it is important that you put continuous efforts and plans to cover your syllabus bit by bit covering all (most) of the topics. Here are some the tips we advise you to follow:

  • Time Managment: You would be preparing engineering subjects as well while you were preparing for your reasoning section. To avoid mental breakdown or to avoid peer pressure, manage your time. Take out time for everything, even to watch Netflix or youtube to relax your mind. A refreshed mind perform well than a tired mind. Therefore manage your time the best way possible.
  • Practice the Test Paper: You might have a strong command on the reasoning topic, but still, practice as much papers/tests possible. By doing so, you would be able to understand that what are the possible ways in which a question can be formed.
  • Eat, Sleep, Study Repeat: It is important that you follow a schedule while preparing because you would have to prepare your technical syllabus as well along with reasoning.

These are the tips that one should follow always, I mean they are important to prepare a strong foundation for your SSC JE Reasoning Preparation. Now let’s move to the subject specific tips for reasoning topics.

SSC JE Reasoning Preparation Tips – Subject Specific

SSC JE Reasoning consists of topics from verbal and non-verbal reasoning. However, there is no specific segregation in any manner in the syllabus.  We would also pick one topic and mention the tips along with it.

Visual Memory

In the topic of Visual Memory, the questions are based on the image interpretation. In general case, the examiner would provide an image and ask you to choose a mirror reflection. Tips to solve these questions are as below, along with that the students can refer to the whole topic in the link provided below.

  • If you are asked to make choose water reflection, then you should change the images vertically, not horizontally.
  • If there is a single complicated element in the image, try to break it into parts. Change the positions accordingly and then combine the parts together to come up with the mirror image.

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Space Visualization

As the name suggests, in this topic the questions are based on analysing and answering about the space. There 2 type of question in this topic, one if of dice and other one is a cube. In both cases, you have interpreted the space as per the instruction, for example, a dice is given in image with 3 sides of it showing 3 number, and the examiner asks to interpret no. on the other side. Tips to solve these questions are as below in the link.

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Judgment Questions

Judgment is all about analysing the situation and Judging the best solution for the questions. You are given a situation with certain constraints. Anf then you choose a suitable answer as per the instruction is given. Tips to solve these questions are as below, along with that the students can refer to the whole topic in the link provided below.

  • Understand the instruction correctly and clearly.
  • Keep all situations given in the question while judging and choosing.

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Similarity and Difference

These are the questions in which the applicant needs to find similarity in a group of given subject/object. It is like odd one out, you choose which is similar or different, depending upon the given instruction.

  • Try to form pairs of options that seem connected and then extend to the third option.
  • Similarity and dissimilarity questions are among the easiest amongst all the SSC reasoning topics. However, if the answers are not coming to right away, don’t lose hope. Just try to think calmly.

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Decision Making

Decision Making is somewhat similar to the Judgment, but there are no constraints. The applicants need to answer the question as per the given situation, and as per the questions asked by the examiner. To see and understand this topic more, you can visit the link mentioned below.

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Image Analysis

As the name suggests it is about analysing the image and answer as per the instruction is given by the examiner. This is somewhat easy as compare to other, but this can be confusing about too. Applicants can refer to the tips mentioned below, or for more clarity, you can read the whole article about it.

  • Always try to look at the bigger parts of the images. They are easy to detect in different combinations.
  • Apart from observing the main image, you can also try out deconstructing the images given in the options to get the right answer.

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This is my favourite because I have a huge family and it gets easy for me to relate. However, the topic relationship comprises blood relationships as well as relationships between numbers, words, characters etc. Generally, a long question on blood relationship of 2-4 short questions can be seen in the SSC JE Exam. For the relationship, it is very important for you to know that how to make the whole relationship map and how to name a person/entity in that map. The applicants can refer to the tips provided below or they can read the whole article we have created for the relationships specifically.

  • Simplify the relation at every step.
  • Never forget the genders. Mark male as positive (+) and female as negative (-) or analogy you want to create for your own ease.

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Problem Solving

Problem solving comprises 3 major subparts which are seating arrangements, coding-decoding and direction. Generally, you would probably get 1-2 long questions from seating arrangement and rest would short quick questions. However, these 3 subparts are so different from each other. You can refer to the tips mentioned below or I would recommend reading the whole article we have created for the SSC JE Problem solving.

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Image Classification

In your SSC JE Reasoning Preparation, you’ll find many topics of jus analysing and answering. Again in this section, the image has to be analysed but now in this part, these images have to be classified into the groups. And basis to these classifications of the images, the applicant needs to answer the question given by the examiner. We have created our very own rule called LBCA would be very helpful to cover these questions. You can read the whole article we have created for the Image classification specifically.

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On your SSC JE Reasoning preparation, this topic would be the one on which you surely need tips or time. They consume so much time and you never feel confident about the answer you choose until you know the tips. In this section, the applicants need to analyse the image and have to count the shape/figure in the provided image. Tips for this topic are mentioned below along with a detailed article about the topic as well.

  • Sometimes, you would be asked to find the number of squares within a circle. This is done to confuse you. Just keep calm and only try to look at the images that you need to find. If you can observe a grid or a pattern, try to follow the tips given above.
  • Use a pen or a pencil to mark the boundaries. Marking the boundaries with numbers would be a little less confusing than marking them over and over with lines.

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Arithmetic Reasoning

All the part of reasoning where a mare calculation is required falls in this category. It has questions related to counting, chances and probability, age-related problems and so on. You can check a detailed article in the below link about the same.

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In simple terms, analogy means comparison. Now this comparison can be used to classify or omit the odd one out or anything. Depending upon the instruction given by the examiner. You can refer the tips to solve them fast and read the whole article for detailed understanding.

  • Practice as much as you can
  • Be very clear with the relationship. If two options look similar, look closely at the given set to identify a more specific relationship.

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These are enough topic to strengthen your SSC JE Reasoning Preparation. It is important to have consistency and hard work. Because these tips are only useful when you know the topic and practice these tips. There are good chances that out 50 you can score 35-40 in reasoning section. This would help you hit the cutoff for the  SSC JE Paper I.