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The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is conducting the SSC Junior Engineer Examination to recruit Junior Engineers for various Central Government departments and agencies. Every year, lakhs of students apply for the exam. So, the competition is tough, to say the least. However, with smart preparation and a little bit of practice, you can ace the examination with relative ease. The last bit is something that is entirely up to you. We are here to help you with the first part – SSC JE Preparation, smart preparation. Here, we are going to give you a brief overview of SSC JE preparation. We would tell you how to study, what to study and how to attempt questions to get selected in SSC JE 2019. Please follow the article to know how to crack SSC JE exam 2018-2019.

First Step of SSC JE Preparation: Knowing the Exam

SSC JE Exam Pattern

Before you begin your preparation, you would need to know the important facts about the exam. The SSC JE exam is conducted in two stages – Paper I and Paper II. You need to pass Paper I to be eligible to appear for the final stage of the process, i.e. Paper II. The complete exam pattern is as follows:

Paper Sections Asked Maximum Marks Duration
Paper – I General Awareness 50 2 Hours
General Intelligence and Reasoning 50
Part A- General Engineering (civil & structural) 100
Part B- General Engineering (electrical)
Part C- General Engineering (mechanical)
Paper – II Part A- General Eng. (civil & structural) 300 2 Hours
Part B- General Eng. (electrical)
Part C- General Eng. (mechanical)

To get a more detailed look at the exam pattern, click on the link below:

SSC JE Exam Pattern

SSC JE Exam Syllabus

The SSC JE exam has a detailed syllabus for General Awareness, General Intelligence and Reasoning and the different branches of Engineering – Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. You can click on the links below to know about the syllabus.

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for SSC JE
Civil Engineering Syllabus for SSC J
Electrical Engineering Syllabus for SSC JE
SSC JE Reasoning Syllabus

Preparing for SSC JE Paper I: The First Hurdle

As you can see from the exam pattern, Paper I of the exam is constituted of three different sections:

  • General Awareness – 50 Marks.
  • Reasoning and General Intelligence – 5o Marks.
  • General Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical-based on your choice) – 1oo Marks.

1. Preparing for General Awareness in SSC JE – Crack SSC JE 2018 – 2019

General Awareness is the section that can potentially be the difference between a successful candidate and an unsuccessful candidate. Most candidates score poorly in this section. So, if you score well here, you have a higher chance to be eligible to sit for Paper II.

Important Topics for General Awareness

In the table below, we have broken down the topics of General Awareness, along with the number of questions and the level of difficulty for each of the specific type of questions:

Topic No. of Questions Difficulty
Economics 4-5 Moderate
Polity 5-7 Moderate
Static GK, which includes things like countries, capitals, etc. 10-12 Easy
Current Affairs 15-20 Hard
History (including Ancient History of India and the world) 10-13 Moderate
Geography 5-6 Moderate
Science (with a special focus on Biology) 3-4 Easy
Environment and Ecology 3-4 Hard

How to Prepare for General Awareness

  • Get a good General Studies Manual Book
  • Refer to competition magazines
  • Read books from NCERT. They would give you a nice grip on the basics
  • Solve previous year question papers.
  • Read a good newspaper every day like The Hindu, Indian Express etc.

Detailed guide to SSC JE General Awareness Preparation

2. Preparing for General Intelligence and Reasoning in SSC JE

General Intelligence and Reasoning is a high scoring section mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to read anything extra to score marks. Secondly, if you use the right techniques, then you would be able to solve the questions in no time. You can learn about the complete SSC JE Reasoning syllabus to be aware of the scope of questions in SSC JE.

Important Topics for General Intelligence and Reasoning

How to Prepare for General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • Practice, practice, practice – there can be no two ways about it!
  • Refer to Topprnotes online material for learning techniques that would help you increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Give sectional mock tests that would help you to test your preparation level.

SSC JE Reasoning Preparation

3. General Engineering in SSC JE – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Preparation

Let us now move on to the third section for SSC JE preparation – General Engineering. In General Engineering, you would have the option to choose between Civil, Engineering and Mechanical Engineering streams. General Engineering section is usually easier, especially in Paper I. You should go through the SSC JE complete syllabus for all sections and prepare through our vast number of tips and tricks.

Important Topics for General Engineering Section – SSC JE Preparation

Important topics for this particular section differs from stream to stream. For more information on the strategies that would work for you, you can refer to our individual articles for SSC JE preparation for these Engineering streams.

1. SSC JE Civil Preparation

If you belong to civil engineering section and have done Dilpoma/Graduation in Civil Engineering, you should go through our detailed article on SSC JE Civil preparation in which you will know important topics for civil engineering preparation in SSC JE along with recommended books for SSC JE. You should also be well versed with SSC JE Civil syllabus.

SSC JE Civil Preparation

2. SSC JE Mechanical Preparation

If you are a mechanical engineer and have done your graduation in same, you are eligible for SSC JE mechanical exam in paper 2. Know about various important topics and section in SSC JE mechanical paper 1 on which you need to focus and learn tips and tricks on how to study for mechanical engineering in SSC JE Paper 1. Moreover, the syllabus for SSC JE Mechanical will help you get through the topics and sections in SSC JE Paper 1 and Paper 2.

SSC JE Mechanical Preparation

3. SSC JE Electrical Preparation

If you want to enroll in the Electrical Engineering department through SSC Junio Engineer Exam, you should be well versed with SSC JE Electrical Engineering syllabus. Know various tips and tricks to crack SSC JE Electrical section. Learn about topics and level of questions (Easy, Moderate and hard) which you need to study for SSC JE Electrical paper.

SSC JE Electrical Preparation tips

How to Prepare for General Engineering – SSC JE Preparation tips

  • Tip 1: SSC lays stress on the theoretical understanding of the subjects. So, brush up on your basic concepts.
  • Tip 2: A good number of questions come on graphs. So, try to prepare for them accordingly.
  • Tip 3: Don’t refer to too many books. The books that made you pass your graduation would be enough for SSC JE exam as well. Don’t worry!
  • Tip 4: Try to solve SSC JE previous year questions as much as you can.

Time Management Tips for SSC JE Paper I – Crack SSC JE Exam 2018 – 2019

If you are preparing for SSC JE 2019, then you probably have 3-6 months to go before you have to sit for Paper I exam. This means that there is plenty of time to cover all the topics for all the sections. However, you shouldn’t get complacent. The SSC JE cutoffs are pretty high. Therefore, you really need to score high in each section to ensure that you qualify for Paper II.

It is always an effective strategy to divide the topics into two categories – ones that need your daily practice and others that can be prepared one or two months before the exam. Let us take a look at the topics that need your daily practice as well as the topics that can be covered just before the exam.

Topics that Need Your Daily Practice

Below are the topics you need to practice on the daily basis during your SSC JE Preparation.

For General Awareness

  • Current affairs. You need to read a good newspaper daily.
  • History and Geography. These are pretty vast subjects. Hence, they need more time to cover.

For General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • Almost all sections of SSC JE Reasoning need your daily preparation. With daily preparation, you would be able to solve complicated questions with speed and accuracy.

For General Engineering

  • Irrespective of the stream that you choose, you need to memorize the basic concepts by heart. Most of the questions are conceptual and they need a thorough understanding of the concepts.
  • You need to practice numerical every day. The numerical questions asked in the exam are pretty basic in nature. So, you wouldn’t want to waste much time on them during the exam. To solve them quickly, you need to have speed. That speed comes from practice.

SSC JE Books for Preparation

Preparing for SSC JE Paper II: The Final Hurdle

After you pass SSC JE Paper I, you would have to appear for SSC JE Paper II. Paper II is worth 300 marks and all the questions are related to the engineering stream that you choose. The paper would be descriptive in nature, so writing great answers is crucial at this stage.

Overall Tips for SSC JE Paper II Preparation

In Paper II, all the questions would be asked from the engineering section. The biggest difference between Paper II and Paper II is that Paper II is descriptive in nature. This means that you have to write long answers to questions. This would be a big difference in your strategy. Given below are some of the tips that you can follow for SSC JE Paper II preparation

  • Cover the entire syllabus of your stream. You would not get too many options. So, leaving a topic out could be risky.
  • Practice writing. Think of a structure that explains the answer in a simple and lucid way.
  • Focus on the difficult topics first and then move on to the topics that take less time to cover.

SSC JE Paper II Strategy for Individual Streams – SSC JE Preparation

1. Strategy for Mechanical Engineering

Important Topics for Mechanical Exam

Topic No of Questions Difficulty
Thermodynamics 2-3 Moderate to difficult
Fluid Mechanics 1-2 Easy to moderate
Theory of Machines 1-3 Easy to moderate
Production Engineering 1-2 Easy to moderate

Tips and Strategies

  1. Practice numerical questions as much as you can
  2. Solve previous year question papers
  3. Draw diagrams.

More more detailed look at the SSC JE mechanical preparation. Click on the button below

SSC JE 2019 Mechanical Hacks

2. Strategy for Electrical Engineering

Important Topics for SSC JE Electrical Exam

Topic No.of Questions Difficulty
Magnetic Circuit 1-2 Easy
Electrical Machines 2-3 Easy to Moderate
Circuit Law and Network Theorem 2-3 Hard
AC Fundamental 1-2 Easy to moderate

Tips and Strategies

  1. Study as many circuits as you can. They are quite common.
  2. Get the basic concepts right
  3.  Questions on different types of machines are quite common. So, prepare them well

For a more detailed look at the SSC JE electrical preparation, click on the button below:

SSC JE 2019 Electrical Hacks

3. Strategy for Civil Engineering

Important Topics for SSC JE Civil Exam

Topic No of questions Difficulty
Soil Mechanics 1-2 Hard
Hydraulics 2-3 Easy to moderate
Building Material 2-3 Moderate to difficult

Tips and Strategies

  1. The above given important topics should be covered in depth
  2. Have a good knowledge of the latest construction standards
  3. Thoroughly go through the working standards.

For a detailed look at SSC JE civil engineering preparation, click on the link below:

SSC JE 2019 Civil Engineering Hacks

Hope this article was of help to you and would get you started towards the road of SSC JE preparation in the right direction. For more such useful tips, tricks, strategies and useful notes, please feel free to browse our website