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When you are filling up the online form for SSC JE exam, one of the most important questions that candidate ask is what posts they should apply for. The SSC JE exam is conducted to recruit Junior Engineers in various Central Government departments. You would be given the chance to apply for multiple posts and also mention the order of preference as well. However, the service you would be allotted would depend on the SSC JE post preference that you fill in. This is the reason why you need to be serious about filling up the SSC JE Post Preference. In the following post, we would be talking about SSC JE Post Preference for Mechanical. So, if you are a mechanical engineering graduate and you are hoping to get selected in the SSC JE 2018, we would suggest that you read on.

Few Facts for SSC Post Preference for Mechanical Engineering

Let us take a look at some of the important facts that you should know before you go for SSC JE Post Preference for Mechanical.

When do you need to fill in your SSC JE Civil Preference Order?

You would need to fill in your SSC JE Post Preference for Mechanical Engineering at the time of filling up your online application for SSC JE. Please note that the preference that you have entered once, cannot be changed later. So, choose wisely.

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Analysis of the Posts for SSC JE Post Preference for Mechanical

As we can see from the table above, there are 7 departments that recruit Mechanical engineers through the SSC JE exam. Let us look at their pros and cons, so that you could make an informed decision on the form

1. Military Engineering Services

This is one of the most sought-after postings in SSC JE. Mostly, you would be looking at the infrastructure of military establishments.


  • Military facilities that are the best in the service.
  • Excellent growth opportunities
  • High number of vacancies
  • All amenities would be provided to you and your family


  • Job transfers are more frequent than other departments
  • Field visits might be more frequent

2. Central PWD

This is another great service that you can join. You would dealing with the building of roads and other infrastructure projects of the central government


  • Excellent growth opportunities
  • Posting in major cities


  • Frequent site visits to possibly remote locations

3. Central Water Power Research Organization

This Central Government organization is based out of Pune. Most of the job involves research work.


  • Almost no transfers. You would be posted in Pune.
  • Challenging job.


  • Growth opportunities are less

4. Farakka Barrage

You would be looking at the maintenance and the performance of Farakka Barage in West Bengal.


  • You would be posted in Farakka in most cases. This is remote town in West Bengal.


  • Difficult working conditions
  • Less number of Vacancies

5. Department of Quality Assurance

This department comes under the Ministry of Defence. It mainly deals with the maintenance and supervision work for the Indian Navy.


  • You would get all military facilities.
  • Ministerial post. Therefore, growth opportunities are higher.
  • Would be posted in Naval base towns


  • Number of vacancies are less

6. National Technical Research Organization

It is the technical intelligence wing that directly comes under the NSA. This deals with the world of intelligence gathering and surveillance. This might look attractive to some.


  • Challenging job.
  • Job transfers are moderately frequent.


  • Less Number of Vacancies
  • You have to confidential about your job

7. Border Roads Organization

Border Roads Organization builds roads through the harsh terrains of the border areas. They also build roads in foreign countries like Afghanistan.


  • The pride of working for the country without much recognition
  • Number of posts are high


  • Postings are often in trouble-stricken areas like J&K, the North East and Afghanistan.
  • Transfers are frequent
  • Job can turn out to be dangerous and even life-threatening.

So, these were some of the things you should keep in mind when you go for SSC JE Post Preference for Mechanical. Hope this article was of help to you. For more such articles, keep browsing Topprnotes.

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