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Getting a government job is a dream for many engineering graduates. After all who wouldn’t want a secure job, a decent pay and the ability to do something good for the society? If you harbour such a dream, then SSC JE 2019, offers the perfect opportunity for you. The Staff Selection Commision (SSC) conducts the Junior Engineer (JE) examination every year to recruit bright engineers from Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering backgrounds at various Central government departments and organizations. So, if you are a Mechanical Engineering graduate, how should you prepare for the exam? Here, we are going to give you all the information about SSC JE Mechanical Preparation that you need to crack SSC JE 2019.

Understanding the SSC JE Mechanical Engineering Exam

SSC JE Exam Pattern

The SSC JE exam is conducted in two stages – Paper I and Paper II. If you choose Mechanical Engineering as your stream, then you would need to answer questions on Mechanical Engineering in both Papers I and II.

There is a basic difference between Paper I and Paper II. Paper I is a computer-based and objective type test. This means that all the questions would be MCQs.  Apart from mechanical engineering, questions would also be asked on General Awareness and General Intelligence & Reasoning. On the other hand, Paper II would be descriptive in nature, where you would have to write long answers. Given below is the exam pattern for SSC JE exam

Paper Sections Asked Maximum Marks Duration
Paper – I General Awareness 50 2 Hours
General Intelligence and Reasoning 50
Part A- General Engineering (civil & structural) 100
Part B- General Engineering (electrical)
Part C- General Engineering (mechanical)
Paper – II Part A- General Eng. (civil & structural) 300 2 Hours
Part B- General Eng. (electrical)
Part C- General Eng. (mechanical)

You can also get a more detailed look at SSC JE Mechanical Syllabus by clicking on the button below

SSC JE 2019 Exam Pattern

SSC JE Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

The SSC has set a detailed syllabus for SSC JE mechanical engineering, both for Paper I and Paper II. The topics covered in the syllabus is commonly taught in engineering colleges across the country. Therefore, you would probably be acquainted with most of the topics covered in the syllabus. For a detailed look at the syllabus, click on the button below

SSC JE Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

As said before, in Paper I, you would also have to answer questions on General Awareness as well as General Intelligence and Reasoning. Therefore, you have to prepare for them as well. You can know more about the syllabus for General Intelligence and Reasoning by clicking on the button below

SSC JE Reasoning Syllabus

SSC JE Mechanical Preparation: Tackling Paper I

As said before, the first stage of the exam is Paper I. You need to qualify Paper I to sit for Paper II, which is the final stage of the exam. Mechanical Engineering questions would be asked in the ‘General Engineering’ Section. You can choose your own branch of engineering under this section.

Analysis of SSC JE Mechanical Engineering Questions – Paper I

Analyzing the question paper is an efficient way to start your preparation. This helps you to understand the important topics that you need to cover. We have carefully analyzed previous year question papers and we have broken the syllabus into topics. We have also given you the details about the number of questions asked from each topic and their difficulty.

Topic No. of Questions Difficulty
Fluid Mechanics 15-16 Easy to Moderate
Production Engineering 12-13 Moderate
Strength Of Material 10-12 Moderate
Theory Of Machines 8-10 Easy to Moderate
Thermodynamics 12-14 Moderate to Difficult
IC Engine 5-7 Easy
RAC 2-4 Easy

Step-by-Step Guide for SSC JE Mechanical Preparation – Paper I

STEP 1Knowing the Cutoffs -The first thing that you would need to do is know the cutoffs of previous years and the expected cutoff for the current year. You can know more about the cutoffs by clicking on the link below:

SSC JE Cutoff Marks

Cutoff marks would give you an idea about how much marks you need to score to qualify for the second round. This gives you a target, which is always a good thing to have when you are preparing for such highly competitive exams.

STEP 2 – Check the Syllabus – Before you start your preparation, you need to take a look at the syllabus and identify the topics in which you are strong and weak in. You need to start with the topics that you are weak in as they would take more time to cover.

STEP 3 – Start Your Preparation – The main mantra in such competitive exams is not to study hard, but to study smart. When you are preparing for SSC JE mechanical engineering, you should follow the following tips:

  • Most of the questions asked in Paper I are theoretical in nature. There is little calculation involved. So, get your theoretical basics right.
  • Always refer to previous year questions to understand what kind of topics they focus on and the types of questions that are asked in the examination.

STEP 4Attempt Mock Tests – You need to attend as many mock tests as you can to sharpen your preparation. You should try to look for sectional mock tests, as they would show how well you are prepared for each of the topics.

Quick Tips for Solving Mechanical Engineering Paper I

Here are some quick tips that you can follow for SSC JE mechanical preparation.

Tip #1 – Work On Your Speed – A good speed is essential in solving MCQ type questions. Speed comes through practice. So, practice as much as you can.

Tip #2 – Use Special Tricks to Solve MCQs– MCQs require a different strategy compared to conventional questions. For example, a good way to increase speed is alternative elimination. In this case, instead of trying to find the right answer straight away, you eliminate the wrong answers first.

Tip #3 – Work on Graphs – In mechanical engineering, a lot of questions is related to graphs. Graphs are easy to score. So, it would be a good idea to work on your graphs to score some easy marks.

Example Questions for Mechanical Engineering for SSC JE Paper I

Question 1:

The kinematic chain is known as a mechanism when _________.

1) none of the links is fixed
2) one link is fixed
3) two links are fixed
4) all of the links are fixed

Correct Answer: (2)

Question 2:

What will be the change in the vertical height (in m) of a watt governor, when the speed is decreased from 50 rpm to 25 rpm?

1) 0.358

2) 1.074

3) 1.432

4) 1.79

Correct Answer:  (2)

SSC JE Mechanical Preparation: Tackling Paper II

Paper II of SSC JE Mechanical Engineering is a different ball game altogether. Unlike Paper II, where you had questions related to general awareness and reasoning as well, Paper II would be all about engineering. It would be worth 300 marks and the answers would be all descriptive. This means that you would have to write long answers.

Important Topics for SSC JE Mechanical Preparation Paper II

It would help you to know about the important topics to study in the SSC JE Mechanical Syllabus. However, the truth is there is no topic that should be considered more important than the other. In Paper II, you get 7 questions and you have to answer 5 of them. Now, these 7 questions can come from any topic in the syllabus. Previous year exams have literally proven that! So, if you want to get selected for SSC JE 2019, then you should focus on all the topics equally.

However, topics can be categorized by the amount of preparation that they need. Some of them require daily practice, whereas others can be covered just months before the exam. Let’s take a look at the topics that take less time and the topics that need daily practice.

Topics for Daily Preparation

  • Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics -These two topics are almost like a favorite among the examiners at SSC. You should memorize all the formulas and understand the basic concepts well.
  • Numerical questions require your daily practice right from the start. Practice questions from all the topics.

Topics for Later Stages of Preparation

You can keep a number of topics for later stages of preparation. It depends on your personal preferences. We have chosen the following topics as questions on them are not frequent in the exam. They don’t take much time to be completed either.

  • The strength of Materials. Euler’s and Rankine’s theories are important though.
  • Classification of steel.

Answer Writing Tips for SSC JE Mechanical Preparation

Since you would be writing answers, instead of just clicking on them, you should know how to write good answers in SSC JE Mechanical Preparation.

Tip#1 – Cover the Complete Syllabus – You wouldn’t be getting many options in Paper II. So, it would be a good idea to cover as much of the syllabus as you can.

Tip#2 – Draw Diagrams – Answers with diagrams always get good marks in SSC JE exam. Work a bit on your drawing skills, label the diagrams properly and you would be scoring good marks.

Tip #3 – Go Step-by-Step – When you are asked to make calculations, you should always clearly mark the steps. This would help you good marks without a doubt.

SSC JE Mechanical Book for Preparation

The books that you studied from during your graduation would be enough to cover the topics in SSC JE Electrical Syllabus. You can also take the help of the following SSC JE mechanical books.

So, these were some of the hacks and tips that you should follow for your SSC JE Mechanical preparation. Hope, they were of help to you. For more such hacks and tips, feel free to browse our website. Study smart and you would be able to crack SSC JE exam 2019 with ease.

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