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General Awareness is one of the main sections in SSC JE Paper I. A lot of candidates consider it to be the toughest section of SSC JE exam. Well, questions are asked from a broad range of subjects and that often confuses the candidate. Things would get much easier if you knew what to study and how to study. In the following post, we would be taking a look at the most effective way for SSC JE general awareness preparation and see how you can ace the exam.

SSC JE Preparation

SSC JE General Awareness Preparation – Exam Pattern

General Awareness section only comes in the SSC JE Paper I exam. In Paper II, all questions would be on the branch of engineering that you choose. The pattern for Paper I is given below:

Paper Sections Asked Maximum Marks Duration
Paper – I General Awareness 50 2 Hours
General Intelligence and Reasoning 50
Part A- General Engineering (civil & structural) 100
Part B- General Engineering (electrical)
Part C- General Engineering (mechanical)

As you can see, the General Awareness section is worth 50 Marks. There would be 50 questions and you would get 1 mark for every right answer. There would be negative markings as well. You would lose 1 mark for every 4 wrong answers.

SSC JE Exam Pattern

Important Topics in SSC JE General Awareness Section

There is no definite syllabus for SSC JE General Awareness Section. However, in the past few years, we have seen that most of the questions are asked from specific topics. The most important topics are given below:

  1. Current Affairs
  2. India and its neighboring countries
  3. History
  4. Culture
  5. Geography
  6. Economic Science
  7. General Polity and Scientific Research, etc

Analysis of the Topics

Let us now break down the topics and see how many questions are asked from each of these sections and how difficult the questions were. Take a look at the following table:

Topic Average No. of Questions Difficulty
Current Affairs 15-20 Easy to moderate
India and  its neighboring countries 5-8 Moderate to difficult
History 10-12 Moderate to difficult
Culture 3-4 Easy
Geography 7-8 Easy to moderate
Economic Science 4-5 Moderate to difficult
General Polity and Scientific Research, etc. 4-5 Easy to moderate

This is based on the data from the previous 5 years question papers. Let us look at the last couple of years and observe recent trends.

Recent Trends in General Awareness Question Paper

If you look at the question paper for the last couple of years, you would find a lot of trends. For example, more questions are being asked on India and her foreign relations. Also, the number of Geography questions has also come down. Current events in the world of finance, economics, and banking were always important and they continue to be important.

Topicwise SSC JE General Awareness Preparation

Let us know at each of the topics in the SSC JE General Awareness and the important areas that you should cover and some tips that would help in better preparation

Preparing for History

Important Subtopics 

  • World history. It was once one of the most unimportant parts of history. Things have changed now. A lot of questions are being asked about important world events.
  • Indian Freedom Struggle.
  • Ancient India. Important periods include the Mahajanapads, Gupta, and Maurya dynasties, the rise of Buddhism and Jainism, Delhi Sultanate.

Tips for History

  • Don’t spend a lot of time memorizing the dates. Questions about dates are rare nowadays.
  • Read NCERT books
  • Questions on modern Indian history, especially after Independence, are rare. Try to keep them for later.

Preparing for Economic Affairs

Important Subtopics

  • Current economic events.
  • Basic economics and financial terms. For example – GDP, Repo rate, FII, CRR etc.

Tips for Economic Affairs

  • Read the ‘Business and Economics’ section of a reliable newspaper daily. Half of the questions would come from there itself!
  • Read NCERT economics books for class XI and XII.
  • Don’t go into much depth. Just the basic concepts would do. However, you should try to understand as many concepts as you can.

Preparing for India and her Neighbours

Important subtopics

  • Important treaties and agreements. Don’t just focus on immediate neighbors in South Asia but also on regions such as ASEAN, Middle East, and even EU.
  • Regional Groupings. Such as SAARC, BIMSTEC, BRICS, ASEAN, EU, UN, G20 and the likes
  • The common history between India and her immediate neighbours.

Tips for India and her Neighbours

  • Don’t focus on the countries themselves. Focus on the historical connections and current relations between India and that country.
  • Newspapers and Current Affairs magazines are a good source of information.

Preparing for Polity

Important Subtopics

  • Indian political system. Know the details of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, number of members and eligibility.
  • Important positions and bodies. For example, the Prime Minister, President, Ministers, Election Commission etc.
  • Consitution of India. Just the basic features, important articles and amendments.

Tips for Polity

  • Polity is one of the sections that can be kept for later. You can pick it up just a month or two before the examination.
  • Just try to read the important facts. NCERT books should be sufficient for this

Preparing for Current Affairs for SSC JE General Awareness Preparation

Current affairs form the largest chunk of questions in the General Awareness section. So, you have to pay special attention to it, if you want to get selected for SSC JE 2019. Here are some of the tips that you should follow to prepare for current affairs.

  • Read a reliable newspaper daily. There is a difference between ‘popular’ and ‘reliable’ newspapers. The Hindu and Indian Express are good newspapers.
  • Listen to the news bulletin on AIR, DD News, Rajya Sabha TV, Lok Sabha TV. Avoid popular news channels.
  • Keep a separate notebook for current affairs. Make different sections like India, Government policies, Law, Economy, International Relations, Science and Technology, Environment etc. Write the news of every day under the relevant categories.

Time Management for SSC JE General Awareness Preparation

Time management is crucial for SSC JE. Especially for General Awareness, as you have to study a lot of things. Most candidates get confused about the amount of time they need to spend preparing for general awareness. Let us see how you can manage your time for SSC JE General Awareness preparation.

General Awareness is not something that you can pick up for one or two months and focus on just that. It is not static as other sections. The best thing that you can do is just keep a few hours every day for preparing for General Awareness. This would have less impact on other subjects and you would be getting all the things done in the right way.

Things You Should Do Every Day

You should try and do the following things on a daily basis

  • Read newspapers in the morning for 2 hours
  • Listen to the news at night for 1 hour.
  • Read a single topic every day for 1 hour.

These some of the tip and strategies that you should follow for SSC JE General Awareness Preparation. For more such useful information, feel free to browse our website.

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