SSC JE Electrical Preparation Hacks | How to Ace SSC JE 2019?


If you are an Electrical Engineering graduate and you are appearing for SSC JE 2019, then let me congratulate you and warn you! I should congratulate you because you have chosen a great career. What could be more lucrative than a secure government job? I must also warn you as the path ahead won’t be easy. Every year lakhs of students appear for the exam. All of them work hard. Now, if you want to get ahead of them, then you would have to work smart. At Topprnotes, we are always here to help you to work smart. Let us take a look at how you can go through your SSC JE electrical preparation in an effective way so that you can crack the SSC JE 2019 exam like a topper.

Starting with SSC JE Electrical Engineering Preparation

SSC JE Exam Pattern

The SSC JE exam is a two-tier examination, consisting of Paper I and Paper II.  In Paper I, a number of questions are asked on General Awareness, General Intelligence and Reasoning and the branch of engineering that you choose. After passing in Paper I, you would need to appear for Paper II, which would be the final phase of the examination. In Paper II, there would be descriptive questions on the branch of engineering that you choose. The detailed exam pattern is given below:

Paper Sections Asked Maximum Marks Duration
Paper – I General Awareness 50 2 Hours
General Intelligence and Reasoning 50
Part A- General Engineering (civil & structural) 100
Part B- General Engineering (electrical)
Part C- General Engineering (mechanical)
Paper – II Part A- General Eng. (civil & structural) 300 2 Hours
Part B- General Eng. (electrical)
Part C- General Eng. (mechanical)

You can also click on the button below and get to know about the specific details of the SSC JE exam pattern

SSC JE 2019 Exam Pattern

SSC JE Exam Syllabus

The SSC Junior Exam has a detailed syllabus for General Intelligence and Reasoning and Electrical Engineering. If you are serious about cracking the SSC JE 2019, then the first thing that you should do is know about the syllabus.

To know more about the General Intelligence and Awareness syllabus, click on the button below:

SSC JE 2019 Reasoning Syllabus

To know more about the Electrical Engineering syllabus click on the link below:

SSC JE 2019 Electrical Engineering Syllabus

SSC JE Electrical Preparation: Tackling Paper I

Let us do an analysis of the Electrical Engineering section in Paper I. We have carefully analyzed the papers of the previous years and we have broken the entire syllabus into topics. We have also given the level of difficulty of the questions as well as the number and type of questions asked.

Topic No. of Questions Difficulty Notes
Basic Concepts 10-15 Moderate For the past few years, most of the questions are on networking
Magnetic Circuit 10-15 Moderate Mostly Numerical
AC Fundamental 6-10 Moderate Mostly Numerical
Circuit Law & Network Theorem 10-13 Easy Mostly Numerical
Electrical Machines 20-25 Moderate Mostly Numerical
Basic Electronics 6-10 Moderate Questions are generally asked based on the working principle of various circuits and devices
Generation, Transmission & Distribution 13-17 Easy to Moderate Mostly Theoretical
The utilization of Electrical Energy 7-10 Easy to Moderate Application based questions
Measurement & Measuring Instruments 9-11 Easy Both Theory + Numerical

Step by Step Guide for SSC JE Electrical Preparation

As said before, Paper I is a computer-based, MCQ type test. Apart from Engineering, Paper I also consists of general awareness and general intelligence. These two sections are worth 50 marks each and the engineering section is worth 100 marks in itself. So, if you score excellently in the engineering section then you might just be able to sail through even if you just about average in the remaining two sections. Let us take at the things that you need to do to prepare for electrical engineering for SSC JE exam.

STEP 1Knowing the Cutoffs –  For every efficient process, you would need a target. In this case, it would help you to know the marks that you need to score in Paper I to get through to Paper II. This is the reason why knowing the cutoffs are something that you must do right at the start of your preparation. This would help you give you a target that you can work towards. You can know more about the cutoffs by clicking on the link below:

SSC JE Cutoff Marks

STEP 2: Analyzing the Syllabus – Next step in the process is analyzing the syllabus. Take a good look at the syllabus. Try to find the subjects that you are good at and the subjects you are not-so-good at. You would probably be familiar with most of the subjects as they are taught in most engineering courses in India.

STEP 3: Preparing the Right Way – When you preparing for SSC JE exam 2019, you focus at the start should be to cover all the subjects in the syllabus. This is really important. You should also follow the following tips, to get better results.

  • Most of the questions asked in Paper I are theoretical in nature. So, you should be clear about your concepts.
  • Keep referring to previous year questions from time to time, they would give you an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam and the areas you need to focus on.

STEP 4Taking Mock Tests – Try to take as many mock tests as possible to test the level of your preparation. You can also look to give a couple of mock tests on different sections of the syllabus.

Quick Tips for Solving Electrical Engineering Paper I

Here are some quick tips that you can follow for SSC JE mechanical preparation.

Tip#1 – Work On Your Speed – Having a good speed is the deciding factor when it comes to MCQ type question. Just keep on practicing and build your speed so that you can attempt as many questions as possible.

Tip#2 – Use Techniques to Solve MCQs– There are different techniques to solve MCQ questions. For example, in most cases, it would be easier for you to eliminate the wrong options than to pick the right option from the start.

Example Questions for Electrical Engineering in SSC JE Exam Paper I

Question 1: Why are the same types of cells connected in parallel?


1) To decrease the voltage rating
2) To increase the voltage rating
3) To decrease the current rating
4) To increase the current rating

(SSC JE 2018)

Correct Answer: (2)

Question 2:

Question 2-SSC JE electrical engineering preparation


1) 4.56

2) 5.67

3) 18.58

4) 51

(SSC JE 2018)

Correct Answer: (2)

Preparing for SSC JE Electrical Engineering: Tackling Paper II

Paper II of SSC JE Electrical Engineering is at another level compared to Paper I. Unlike Paper I, where you had questions related to general awareness and reasoning, Paper II is only concerned about engineering. The paper would be descriptive in nature and it would be would be worth 300 marks.

Important Topics for SSC JE Electrical Engineering Paper II

Let us put one thing pretty straight to you – all the topics in the SSC JE Electrical Syllabus are important in Paper II. Unlike some other exams, you don’t get a lot of options in this exam. Generally, you are given 7 questions and you are asked to answer 5 of them. Since the options are less, leaving a section out of your SSC JE electrical preparation would be a risky strategy.

Let us take a quick look at the topics that require your attention daily and the topics that can be prepared just before the exam.

Topics for Daily Preparation

  • Numerical – Numerical questions require your daily practice right from the start. Practice questions from circuits, machines and generation and transmission. Questions from these sections come often in the exam.
  • Basic Concepts – Memorize the basic laws, theorems, and formula. A lot of questions are asked on their application in a real-world scenario. So, you should learn them by heart and practice every day.

Topics for Later Stages of Preparation

The following topics could be kept for last minute preparation. The questions from these sections are quite easy and it doesn’t take much time to cover them either

  • Electrical machines
  • Measurement equipment
  • AC Fundamentals

Answer Writing Tips for SSC JE Electrical Preparation

Writing a good answer at this stage is something that would get you selected for your dream job. You can follow the simple steps for SSC JE electrical preparation.

Tip#1 – Have a well-structured answer – In such examinations, the structure is all important. You need to present your answer in a way as if you are explaining it to a layman.

Tip#2 – Draw Diagrams – Answers with diagrams always get good marks in SSC JE exam. Work a bit on your drawing skills, label the diagrams properly and you would be scoring good marks.

SSC JE Electrical Book for Preparation

The books that you studied from during your graduation would be enough to cover the topics in SSC JE Electrical Syllabus. You can also take the help of these best books for SSC JE Electrical exam.

So, these were some of the hacks and tips that you can follow for your SSC JE Electrical preparation. Hope, they were of help to you. For more such hacks and tips, feel free to browse our website for SSC JE preparation. Study smart and you would be able to crack SSC JE exam 2019 like a topper.

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