SSC Coaching Institute – How to Choose the Best One?

SSC Exams, both the Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGLE) and the Combined Higher Secondary Exam (CHSL) have been immensely popular among students. This has increased the competition in the exam. This is the reason why a lot of students look towards getting coaching. Needless to say, there are hundreds of SSC Coaching Institutes in almost every big and small city in the country. But which coaching institute should you should you choose? In the following post, we are going to look at some of the important factors that you should consider when you are choosing SSC Coaching Institute.

Important Factors to Consider While Choosing SSC Coaching Insitute?

Most SSC Coaching Institutes advertise with the top rankers photo. It is easy to be lured by those shiny ads. However,  you must know that even if someone has brought a test paper from a coaching institute, they would advertise as if the topper has studied from there full-time. So, instead of getting lured by these ads, you should consider certain important factors.

Let us take a look at the important factors that you should consider when you are choosing SSC Coaching Institute

  1. Experienced and Qualified Teachers: Before joining any institute, check the quality of teaching staff and inquire about their qualifications. An experienced teacher will be able to give better guidance and that would ensure success
  2. Expert classroom sessions: In a top SSC Coaching Institute, classroom sessions are usually be followed by an expert assignment covering the entire topic discussed in the class. It ensures that what is being taught is actually retained by your brain.
  3. Regular doubt clearing sessions: Weekly doubt session should be conducted by the institute so to aid in your preparation. Doubts if cleared in time will be helpful to fine-tune your preparation
  1. Providing relevant study material: The study material provided should be competitive and according to the latest exam pattern and trends. They should also cover the entire as well as the important sections of the syllabus laid down by SSC.
  2. Teaching shortcut techniques: Short tricks for solving problems are a blessing for SSC, given how little the time is. A professional SSC Coaching Institute would have  experienced teachers who would teach you those tricks
  3.  Personal attention to the students: Personal attention is crucial it will improve the assimilation of the concept
  4. Weekly mock tests: There should a regular mock test schedule which would include sectional mock tests and topic wise tests as well as tests that cover the entire syllabus. Mock tests are great for feedback and enhancing confidence
  5. Online Practice: Most of the top SSC Coaching Institute have a dedicated online portal  for  practice which simulates the exam environment of the actual SSC exam

Doing Your Research

As you can see, most of the qualities that we have mentioned above are not given in newspaper ads. So, you really have to do a little bit of background research. Here are some of the things that you can do to some research on the ideal SSC Coaching Institute
  • Browse the Website: If a coaching institute doesn’t have its own website, then you should not consider it. Websites have much more information and you could make a  better decision
  • Talk to students: It is great if you have a friend or you know someone who is studying in the SSC Coaching Insitute. This would be great for getting the real picture
  • Take Demo Classes: Few coaching institutes offer demo classes that would help you to understand how classes are conducted.  Yes, they would show more than they actually offer but still, it would give you some information that you need.

Should You Move to Delhi?

Delhi is the hub of SSC Coaching in India. That is why a lot of students think of moving to Delhi and enrolling at an SSC Coaching Insitute there. So, is it actually necessary to go to Delhi?

Well, the answer is – No, it is not necessary!

It is true that Delhi has the best coaching institutes and the best students flock there. But you shouldn’t ignore the price that you have to pay. Apart from paying the fee of the SSC Coaching Insitute, you also have to get a house on rent and pay for food. Since, either you or your parents are making such an investment, the pressure is high.

SSC is an objective type test. You either get the answer right or you don’t. There are no better answers like there is in UPSC Mains. So, you can practice at home and target the SSC CGL cutoff. As long you are clearing the cutoffs in the mock tests, you are good enough.

So, these were our words of advice about choosing the right SSC Coaching Institute, we hope that you found the article to be useful. For more information on SSC preparation, keep browsing Topprnotes