SSC CHSL Salary Details | Job Profile and Growth Details


The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination (CHSL) to recruit for various posts in the Central Government Departments and Offices across the country. If you are looking for a secure government job that offers a handsome salary and also great promotional opportunities, then this is the best option for you. So, what would be the salary that you would be getting? What would be your post and what is the kind of duties that you need to perform? What would be the career growth? These are the questions that most of the candidates have in their mind when they are applying for SSC CHSL. In the following article, we would be looking at the answers to all these questions about SSC CHSL Salary, SSC CHSL Job Profile and more.

SSC CHSL Salary – The Different Posts

The SSC CHSL Salary and the Job Profile would depend on the post that you are recruited for. In SSC CHSL exam, you can apply for the following 4 dedicated SSC CHSL posts:

  • Lower Division Clerks (LDCs)
  • Data Entry Operator (DEO)
  • Court Clerk
  • Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant

So, let’s a take a look at the in-hand salary for the different posts first and then we would look at the details for each of the SSC CHSL posts.

The In-Hand SSC CHSL Salary

Let us now take a look at the in-hand SSC CHSL post salary. This is the salary that you would be taking home every month. Apart from the SSC CHSL salary, you would also get certain allowances and perks, which might be paid to you once every year or towards your retirement or something like that.

The following table gives you the details of the SSC CHSL Salary Details:

Post In-hand salary (in Rupees)
Lower Division Clerk 22,000-23,000
Data Entry Operator 31,000-33,000
Postal and Sorting Assistant 30,000-32,000
Court Clerk 19,000

This is the latest SSC CHSL salary after the 7th Pay Commision. Your salary would increase after subsequent Pay Commission and also after your promotions.

Now, we would be taking a look at the individual SSC CHSL posts and their job profile and other details.

SSC CHSL Job Profile and their Salaries

As said before, there are four main posts that are recruited through the SSC CHSL exam. Let us look at the job profile and other details about the SSC CHSL posts.

1. Lower Division Clerks


a) Dealing with All the Clerical Work and Maintaining the Work Flow in Office.
b) Registration of Mails.
c) Entering Data on Computer.
d) Receiving Documents and Maintaining the Record of the same.
e) Getting the Important Files and Documents for their Seniors.
f) Preparation of Simple Drafts and Statements.
g) Making Salary Slips of the Staff.
h) Indexing and Recording.
i) Fetching up the Important data from the library of information and bring them for the seniors.

Salary Structure for Lower Division Clerks

Post Name (INR) Grade Pay (INR) Gross Salary (INR) In Hand Salary (INR)
Lower Division Clerk (LDC) 1900 22000-26000 22000 – 23000

Career Growth

You would begin your career as a Lower Division. After serving for a few years, you would be promoted to the Upper Division Clerk. The following would be your career growth path

  • Assistant / UpperDivision Clerk
  • Division Clerk
  • Section Officer.

2. Data Entry Operators (DEO)


a) Entering customer and account data from source documents within deadlines
b) Updating, researching, verifying, and retrieving data from various systems.
c) Ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of information recorded.
d) Working with Software like MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
e) Preparation of Notes and Reports. The Data would be provided by the superiors.
f) Entering and Managing the Data.
g) Inputting the Data and Fetching out the Outputs.
h) Scanning and printing the important documents.
i) Research and obtain further information for incomplete documents.

Salary Structure for Data Entry Operators

Post Name (INR) Grade Pay (INR) Gross Salary (INR) In Hand Salary (INR)
Data Entry Operator (DEO) 2400 5200-20200 31000 – 33000

Career Growth

You would get promotions to the following posts over the course of your  career as a Data Entry Operator

  • Data Entry Operator Grade B
  • Data Entry Operator Grade C
  • Data Entry Operator Grade F (System Analyst)

3. Court Clerks


a) Maintaining the Court Records
b) Administering Oaths during Court Hearings.
c) Document the Receipt of Legal Documents.
d) Sealing up the Copies of the Courts’ Orders and Judgements.
e) Perform Accounting and Bookkeeping Duties.
f) Preparing Meeting Agendas.
g) Preparation of Draft Agendas or Bylaws for Town or City Councils.
h) Answer Official Correspondence.
i) Research and Document Information on judges.

Salary Structure for Court Clerks

Post Name (INR) Grade Pay (INR) Pay Band (INR) In Hand Salary (INR)
Court Clerk 1900 5200-20200 19000

Career Growth

You would get promotions to the following posts over the course of your  career as a Court Clerk

  • Assistant Clerk.
  •  Bench Clerk.
  •  Head Clerk.

4. Postal and Sorting Assistants


a)Disposal of Mails and Maintaining the Data.

b) Customer Support. Handling Customer queries and providing them a feasible solution.

c) Monitoring all the tasks that are related to your work.

d) Locating the correct address of the addressee, if not located, locating the address of the sender.

e) Returning the Mail to Sender in case of not being able to locate the address of the Receiver.

f) Intra-city transmission of mail between Mail Offices and Post Offices.

g) Transmission of Foreign articles through the Post office network.

Salary Structure of Posting and Sorting Assistants

Post Name (INR) Grade Pay (INR) Gross Salary (INR) In Hand Salary (INR)
Postal Assistant 2400 29000-35000 30000-32000

Career Growth

After you selected as a Postal or Sorting Assistant, you would have the chance to getting promoted at the following posts

  • Supervisor
  • Senior Supervisor
  • Chief Supervisor

Departments where you can work

As a postal assistant, you can work in any of the following departments

  • Army Postal Service
  •  Circle Office & Regional Office
  •  Foreign Post Offices
  •  Mail Motor Services
  •  Post Offices
  •  Postal Stores Depots
  •  Railway Mail Service
  •  Saving Bank Control Organization

So, these are some of the useful information about SSC CHSL Salary and Job Profile that might motivate you to do better in SSC CHSL 2019. For more information about the SSC CHSL exam date, SSC CHSL syllabus and more, click on the button below:

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