SSC CHSL Preparation | Tips and Tricks


SSC CHSL Preparation is the first step to crack in the Tier 1 exam. SSC CHSL is the most awaited Exam of the year. Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for the SSC CHSL Exam. This exam has four sections each section is equally important. The syllabus of SSC CHSL is vast, but there is a limited number of important topics. If the candidates are able to cover these topics well, they can easily score desired marks. The Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Tier I exam is scheduled to be held from  2nd  March to  11th March 2020. In SSC CHSL Preparation, you should read the Newspaper daily. Stay in touch with current events and important news. Take 1 Full Mock test daily and analyze it carefully while SSC CHSL Preparation. Irrespective of how many Mock Tests you take, the analysis is the only thing that is going to help you improve. This article will provide you a complete and detailed SSC CHSL Study Schedule and SSC CHSL Preparation for Tier I exam.

SSC CHSL Preparation | Three Tiers in Detail

Tier 1: Objective Test:- There are four sections in this exam
Quantitative Aptitude
General Intelligence
English Language
General Awareness/General Knowledge
Tier 2: Descriptive Test:-
Essay and Letter or Application, In English or Hindi language.
Tier3: Skill Test / Typing Test:-
Typing Test English Medium 35 words/minute, Hindi Medium 30 words/minute
Skill Test (Data Entry Operator) sheet containing 2000-2200 strokes would be offered. The candidates are required to enter it on the computer at a speed of 8,000 key depressions an hour.As per previous years exam analysis, the candidates must score 150+ (UR-Category) out of 200 in orders to stay in the safe zone. These marks are only possible with a rational strategy.

SSC CHSL Preparation | General Tips

  1. SSC CHSL usually repeats questions Every Year
  2. Static general knowledge can really be scoring
  3. Understanding the basics of maths
  4. Current affairs are equally important for SSC CHSL Exam Preparation
  5. Try to attend questions on reading comprehension
  6. Synonyms, Antonyms, One-Word Substitution & Idioms/phrases can be of great help
  7. Grammar is an essential part of English
  8. Practicing is the ultimate key to success

SSC CHSL Preparation | English Language

English Language section will have questions based on Reading Comprehension, Sentence Re-Arrangement, Sentence Improvement and Spotting Error and Cloze Test. To attempt the English Section, all you need is strong grammar, advanced vocabulary and vast understanding of the text. To master these skills, thesaurus, dictionary and English Newspapers are going to help you in long run.

SSC CHSL Preparation – Reading Comprehension

Around five questions are expected from this section. Have a glance at the mentioned points.

Few tips for reading comprehensions are mentioned below that will come hand:-
Try to find out the tone or the motto of the passage.
Facts Idea or the Main Idea
Read the asked questions so that you can immediately reach the answer you’re looking for while reading the passage.
Practice more and more passage to gain speed.
Results/ Implication/ Conclusions

SSC CHSL Preparation – Cloze Test

Total five questions are expected from this section.

It will comprise of 5 blanks inside a passage, and all you need to do is fill in the most appropriate.
Try to eliminate the improbable options
To make it easier try to find the logic behind the phrase, this will redirect you to form the correct sentence.
Go through the grammar rules, so that you have a clear idea of sentence structuring.

SSC CHSL Preparation – Idioms & Phrases 

One Word Substitution and Idioms & Phrases- This section might comprise of 4 questions only. For this section, you have only one trick, and that is going through all the questions from previous year papers.

SSC CHSL Preparation – Synonyms & Antonyms 

Approximately two questions will be asked from this section. Try to grasp more and more words from your surroundings. Try to remember each word you heard or learned and note down all the unfamiliar words. Now, let us have a look at the points mentioned below.

SSC CHSL Preparation | General Intelligence

It would include questions of both verbal and non-verbal type. The test will include questions on Semantic Analogy, Symbolic operations, Symbolic/Number Analogy, Trends, Figural Analogy, Space Orientation ,Semantic Classification, Venn Diagrams, Symbolic/ Number Classification, Drawing inferences, Figural Classification, Punched hole/ pattern-folding & unfolding , Semantic Series, Figural Pattern – folding and completion, Number Series, Embedded figures, Figural Series, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Word Building, Social Intelligence, Coding and de-coding, Other sub-topics, if any Numerical operations.

SSC CHSL Preparation | Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is the most challenging and time-consuming section in SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam. And the changes in the new pattern has made it more competitive than the last year. Quantitative Aptitude is the only section in which you can score 50 out of 50. Focus more on calculations. Learn squares, cubes, square root etc. This will help you to save your time while solving the questions. Time, Work & Wages: The questions are of basic level, but the type of questions were varied from shift to shift. You need to practice all types of the question but of basic level. In Profit, Loss & Discount maximum questions were formula based. If you remember formulas or short tricks, you will get the answer easily and quickly.

SSC CHSL Preparation |  General Awareness

The General Awareness questions will be of 10+2 level. You would either know the answer or you won’t. It all depends upon your general knowledge. So thinking clearly and calmly to remember the correct answers, will keep you from giving incorrect answers. Attempt the questions that you can answer accurately within 30 seconds, first. This test is meant to check the knowledge and awareness of the candidates regarding ongoing affairs in the surroundings.

SSC CHSL Preparation |  TIPS and Tricks

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips – 1

Make a time Table

Aspirants in order to make their SSC CHSL Preparation more organized and disciplines should prepare a time-table. Once you understand ‘What to prepare?’  it’s your turn to plan ‘How to prepare?’ Make a time-table with both short-term and long-term goals that would help you in timely SSC CHSL Preparation for the exam. Set realistic goals that you can achieve. Block your study hours during those times of the day when you think you are the most productive & can concentrate better and block more time for the more difficult subject.
SSC CHSL Preparation Tips -2

Focus on Concepts

Aspirants should focus on concepts rather than adopting rote learning technique. Focus on understanding the concepts throughout your SSC CHSL Preparation. Understanding helps you to remember the concepts for a very long period of time. Moreover, with a clear understanding of the concepts, you can comfortably handle questions related to those concepts.
SSC CHSL Preparation Tips -3

Self- Assessment

Aspirants must evaluate themselves time-to-time for effective SSC CHSL Preparation. Evaluate and analyze your answer sheet well. Quickly scan through the questions for which you gave incorrect answers or couldn’t answer. Do not forget to revise those topics quickly. Check your speed and accuracy while writing sample papers. Sample papers help you to gain confidence and also help you to get used to writing exams. It also helps you to come up with your own strategy of attempting the questions. Avoid guesswork if there is negative marking in the competitive exam you are preparing for.
SSC CHSL Preparation Tips -4

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

Aspirants must prepare previous year question papers to know the exam pattern, difficulty level, topic-wise distribution of questions, marking scheme etc. Solving previous year question papers will build confidence in candidates and increase their question-solving skills.
SSC CHSL Preparation Tips -5

Mock Tests


Mock Tests plays an important role in SSC CHSL Preparation. Candidates should attempt mock tests after completing the syllabus as it will fine-tune their strategy and sharpen time management skills. If possible try to give the online mock test, it takes you proper feel of exam & you can Manage your time to solve the questions.
SSC CHSL Preparation Tips -6

Stay positive and confident


‘Belief’ is a very powerful tool. You must believe in yourself and your SSC CHSL Preparation. Spend 10-15 minutes before going off to sleep to quickly recap all that you learned throughout the day. A bit of physical activity and meditation helps to improve concentration. Do not take stress throughout the entireSSC CHSL Preparation time, in fact, stay away from stressful people. Each and every moment you must tell yourself ” I Can, I Will” and trust me you will do it!

SSC CHSL Preparation | Tips During the Exam

  1. If you find any particular question difficult, make sure that you don’t waste your time trying to solve it. Instead, you should move to the next question and if time permits come back to this question later.
  2. One thing that is crucial is that you have to clear the sectional cut-off of each section and also the overall cut-off.
  3. So, if in the Exam, you find any particular section a bit challenging, attempt the minimum number of questions that are required to clear the sectional cut-off of that section.
  4. Sometimes, the questions can be very tricky. We advice you to read them very carefully before answering.
  5. In the Exam, avoid using any shortcut that you are not completely sure about.
  6. Avoid Guesswork in the Exam.