Sri Venkateswara College | Peeking into the nooks and crannies of Sri Venkateswara College


Popularly known by the nickname ‘Venky’, Sri Venkateswara College is one of the most sought-after co-ed colleges of Delhi University. Initially taken root to provide quality education to South Indians, the college now attracts students not only from the south but from all over the country, east, west and north alike. Considering the institution is relatively younger, it’s humungous progress has placed it in the top 10 colleges of the University nevertheless.

      Essentially the brainchild of Smt. Durga Bai Deshmukh, Dr K.L. Rao and Dr C. Anna Rao, Venky was brought into being at Dhaula Kuan in the year 1961. It was the good fortune of the institution to have its foundation stone laid by the then vice-president Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an epitome in the field of teaching, education and scholarship and one who needs no further introduction per se.

       The college offers a plethora of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in science, arts and commerce as well. In the field of science, honours in biochemistry, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, electronics, mathematics, statistics and biological sciences are diversely open. Likewise, in social sciences varied honours courses in sociology, political science, history, Sanskrit, Hindi and English are available to all. B.A and B.Com programme are also there for willing students. On a flip side, in the realm of commerce, only two honours courses of economics and are there to choose from. But that is not all. A number of diploma courses are also available. In fact, new add-on courses in Indian Music and Culture has also been introduced in the college in 2017. Evidently, Venky is taking meteoric strides and that too at a breakneck speed, what with its status as a young college.

     The location of the college is one of it’s greatest forte. It is most favourable for students with Satyaniketan market skirting the edges of the 15-acre campus. Numberless restaurants, cafes and bistros see students basking in during the lunchtime. These eateries are ideal student hangouts and deliver affordable food that is especially pocket-friendly for students and their stingy budgets.

       Additionally, the institution is also at a close proximity with Chanakya IAS Academy, thereby giving students of Venky the requisite access and impetus to prepare for herculean national examinations. The construction of a new metro station is also in process. This would definitely prove to allay the travelling issues of numberless students.

       Apart from the academic segment, Venky is also nowhere behind during the fest months of Delhi University. It organises NEXUS and bursting crowds swarm up to the gates of the college, whining to get in. Famous artists and rock bands grace the evenings and spread icing on the cake. Inevitably, the crowd multiply manifold by gloaming, making the fest one of the best ones hosted in all of DU.

       Sri Venkateswara College, although comparatively new on the road to producing excellent education, is already a buzzword amongst the students. The institution’s progress is phenomenal and one that is punctuated with promises of even greater results in years to come.

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