Clubs and Societies at IIT Kharagpur every aspirant should be aware of


IIT Kharagpur is among the finest institutes the nation has to offer. The home to some of the brightest minds of the nation, IIT-KGP is nothing short of a paradise for the engineering aspirants. While the college is known for its high education standards, round the clock fests, and the placements scenarios, it’s equally famous due to the presence of some top-notch clubs and societies which contribute significantly to the institute’s grandeur. The clubs and societies at IIT Kharagpur have always been a source of premium entertainment for the students, and also as a stress buster on numerous occasions. So, without wasting any minute further let’s have a look at some of the clubs and societies which are housed at IIT Kharagpur.

Clubs and Societies at IIT Kharagpur every aspirant should be aware of

1. Debating Society

The debating society prepares the students interested in parliamentary debates by conducting workshops and training at regular intervals. The society is always in search of bright prospects who are extremely passionate about debating. As such there are no criteria for selection and students from any stream and year can apply for being a memberships position. The society members have won a plethora of awards and achievements with their prolific performances in inter IIT events.

2. Quiz Club

Founded in 2004, the Quiz Club is a heaven for quiz enthusiasts. Since its inception, the club has gone from strength to strength and is currently rated among the best clubs in all of the IITs. The members have won numerous accolades at various inter IIT meets and have also emerged victorious in quiz competitions held across various parts of the nation. Some of the events conducted by the quiz club include- freshers quiz, quiz week and general champion quizzes, which witness a thumping participation from the public. Here also, no membership is required for an entry into the club. Anyone who aspires to be a quizzer and a member of the reputed quiz society at IIT Kharagpur can apply for the position.

3. Technology Filmmaking and Photography Society

TFPS is a society specifically developed to cater to the needs of students who find solace in activities pertaining to filmmaking and photography.  In fact, it is even regarded as a perfect platform for students who wish to make a career in the entertainment sector. The intake is 30 students per year who are selected after a rigorous face to face interviews and some minor task and submissions, with 1st and 2nd-year students dominating in the participation scenarios.

4. Communique

Founded in 2006, the club provides a platform for students to work on their personality and soft skills which has a need of the hour. Communique members conducts programs like group discussion workshops, placement drives,  doubt removals, practice sessions mock interviews, consulting workshops for students involved in case studies,  CAT GRE preparation workshops, English learning programmes, department drives with third and fourth year students and finally Inter drive foreign training panel which guides the students who are inclined towards international training and internships.

Truly, the clubs and societies at IIT Kharagpur are a class apart. In fact, the amount of opportunities these societies provide for students to experiment with their abilities is something that places IIT Kharagpur in a league of its own. So, if you’re at IIT-KGP and extremely passionate about being a part of their club culture then do give these societies a try in the first instant.