Social media a boon or a bane – The two sides of the coin


It has been rightly said that changes are necessary for the sale of development. We have observed a radical change in the sphere of technology. It was many decades down the road when we used carriages instead of any high tech automobile. People were dying of diarrhoea and smallpox, now we have the vaccines for almost all the diseases including Ebola. The Internet is considered as a product of evolution. Its usage was only limited to the US army a few years down the road, but it wasn’t long when everyone started using it. It acted as a strong weapon as it contained all the possible information in the world. Indeed, it has it’s own merits and demerits. Is Social media a boon or a bane?

Social media a boon or a bane

One might have come across this tagline that “social media or internet is the root cause of many mental stress problems“.

But, are we supposed to completely blame social media or the internet for the same?

Some teen social media statistics show that 91% of teenagers use social networking sites and a major proportion of them are suffering from poor mental health and poor sleep. It’s been also reported that social networking sites are even more addictive than alcohol. Also, cyberbullying is another concept that has emerged recently impacting the current generation in an extremely negative way. Also, social media displays unrealistic high beauty standards because of which many people are going through anorexia or bulimia. These are few mentioned drawbacks of social media or the internet.

Psychologically, people with low self-esteem and a lot of insecurities tend to fall for this. They start comparing their lives with the fake perfection presented on our screens by different social media platforms. Also, social media are really addictive. It has been surveyed by McAfee which showed that people belonging to the age-group of 11-17, 35% of them have faced cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is another underlying issue of the usage of social media. The ‘Fear of missing out’ (FOMO) is also a key segment of stress and anxiety among the youth.

Just like a coin has two sides , internet has both merits and demerits . If used in a positive way , it can be proved as a useful agent for gathering knowledge from all across the globe which is just a touch away. Here are some of the popular platforms

 1. LinkedIn

helps one to connect to people of same interest and work ethic all around the globe. It is used to get internships , get to know the experiences of higher professionals in the same field and a vast knowledge regarding the current affairs in the corporate world.

2. Facebook

Helps one to connect to a number of people. Even in the rushing hours, you lose contact you can always track down your lost friend on Facebook. It’s a great reconnect. Internet also helps you find emotional support. People who go through depression and anxiety can find videos or content regarding the same on internet. Or maybe those who are going through or went through that traumatizing stage , this will give such people hope and support .

3. Instagram

IG is a great platform for clicking and sharing pictures right away. One can use this for expanding their network or friend circle. Establishing new relationships and meeting new people. From business point of view, Instagram can be termed as a strong platform for online digital marketing. This was long ago, when all the companies realised that there has been a shift from using Facebook to frequently using IG. Many companies pay IG for marketing as well. One can start a blog and earn money as a food blogger, traveller or a fashion blogger. IG has given a perfect platform for artistic people all around the globe.

4. Education

Social media or internet also promotes education in respect to any field that seems fit for this generation. There are many online courses offered by Internshala or Letsintern to help you build up a CV and gain knowledge. These sites also provide internship opportunities for all the undergraduate students to help them learn about the corporate world. There are also many apps like in shorts , the Economist etc which keeps us updated with news every single hour or minute.

So, the internet has both its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the user to make the use of most of the opportunity provided by the same. It may cause stress and it may help you in achieving all your targeted goals.

Excess usage of anything can be detrimental for the human race. Addictive effects of internet play a major role in the same sphere. It has targeted the most emotionally imbalanced section – ‘Young teenagers’. it’s also a responsibility of school, society and parents to teach the kids about the ill effects of the same. Being rebellious in nature during the teen years, they shouldn’t be forced but one must make them understand and make them face the harsh reality of internet addiction.