Small Business Ideas – Ideas to use your Instagram for business


We often spend about 30 to 60 minutes on Instagram on an average every day. But what if the same Instagram you use for entertainment purposes also works as a platform to help you grab some extra pocket money? Yes, you heard it right, Instagram is a great platform to showcase your skills and make some money out of it. To set up a free business profile on Instagram, all you need to do is choose- ‘switch to a business account’ in Settings. Here are some small business ideas for which you can use inbstagram as a platform.

Here, we present you some business ideas to use your Instagram for business

1. Handmade birthday cards


As the movie, 500 days of summer rightly quoted- “Why to make something disposable like a building when you can make something everlasting like a birthday card?” Everyone loves a handmade birthday card that resonates with one’s personality. So you can make start your personalised birthday card business on Instagram adding your feed with beautiful birthday cards with every other order you receive.” Besides, you can extend it later to making bookmarks, gift bags, envelops, dream catchers, scrapbooks and much more.

Furthermore, if you have a writer friend, you can ask him/her to contact your customer and help them to frame their feelings into beautifully crafted birthday greetings.

2. Event management

Event Management - Small Business Ideas - Ideas to use your Instagram for business

Are you great and managing and carrying out events? People usually have hectic schedules nowadays and they usually don’t get enough time to manage and plan their events. From birthday parties or family gatherings to formal meetups or just to decorate and plan a date, you can use your managing skills to plan and organize such events. You can put up decorations, invitations and party themes on your feed to attract more customers.

3. Paintings, posters and photography

Paintings, Posters and photgraphy - Small Business Ideas - Ideas to use your Instagram for business

This one is for all the impeccable artists and painters. Posting photos of your paintings, you can attract the right crowd who might be interested in purchasing them. Besides, if you are great at calligraphy, you can use those skills to create posters with motivational quotes or something written on it. Also, if you have a knack for photography, you can use Instagram to promote your skills and grab some offers for photoshoots as well! You can further extend it to photo albums, photo calendars and much more.

 4. Become a brand ambassador

Become a brand ambassador -Small Business Ideas - Ideas to use your Instagram for business

Do you have a good sense of styling and fashion? Do you wish to do modelling in your pass time? Well, then you can become a brand ambassador for many top brands. All you’ll need to do is to style their clothes perfectly, accessorize your look, post photos and get ample of views on your posts. Besides clothing, you can also be a brand ambassador od haircare products, handbags, shoes, beauty products and much more.

5. Baked goods and Confectionery

Baked goods and confectionaries - Small Business Ideas - Ideas to use your Instagram for business

Are you the one who prepares cakes every time there is someone’s birthday in the house? Well, you can take this talent to Instagram and sell muffins, cookies and brownies as per orders. With the increase in demand for homemade sweets, there is definitely an audience for your business. Besides, during festivals like Raksha Bandhan or Diwali, you can extend it to other festive sweets as well. You can personally coordinate with your customers and deliver them well. Besides you can personalize it with photo boxes etc..

6. Personalized gifts

Personalized Gifts - Small Business Ideas - Ideas to use your Instagram for business

Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? Be it photo mugs or mobile back covers, photo frames or even relatable-shirts. There is surely a huge market for it. You can also make ‘open-when letters’, surprise boxes and much more. Let your creativity soar and make people happier by creating personalized gifts for them.

Be it your artistic, baking or marketing skills, there are various ways that allow your talent to reach the masses and Instagram works great for that. So, go on, while you work on your assignments for the week, spend the weekend to pursue your hobbies and earn some extra money.

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