Simple Daily Exercises Every Youngster should follow – Fitness Tips for College Students


The life of a student is in full swing as soon as he takes admission into a college. Juggling between the assignments, projects, internal exams, final exams, presentations etc they do not get enough time to take care of their body. Moreover, adding to the misery, they also consume outside food more often due to the fact that students nowadays have a distinctive taste in the food they wish to eat. As a result, they become tired easily and suffer from backaches, headaches and joint-pains at a very young age. Facing such problems at a very crucial stage of their life can lead to great distress at a later stage. Therefore they need to inculcate these simple daily exercises in their routines which help them to maintain their fitness and prevent damage to their body. Make sure you stretch yourself before doing these simple daily exercises.

Simple daily exercises

1. Planks


Planks - Simple Daily Exercises Every Youngster should follow - Fitness Tips

Planks really help you to strengthen your abdominal muscles and your core. This is the most feasible exercise which does not require much attention and time. You simply lie on your stomach and raise yourself as shown in the above picture. The longer you hold yourself the stronger you become. This exercise helps to increase your stamina and you can cross the levels in plans once you have achieved your target.

2. Jumping jacks

Jumping Jacks - Simple Daily Exercises Every Youngster should follow - Fitness Tips

This exercise proves great for losing weight and is beneficial for your heart. It instantly energizes you and makes you active. For doing this, you need to stand in a steady position with your legs together. Then you have to jump with your legs wide and hands up in the air. You should come back to your steady position with your legs together by jumping again. You can continue this with the required sets as long as you become tired.

3. Lunges

Lunges - Simple Daily Exercises Every Youngster should follow - Fitness Tips

Lunges help you to strengthen your legs so that you can stand longer and run faster. You can start this by standing in a steady position with your hands on your waist. Next, you need to move forward with leg such that the other knee is touching the ground and then move back to your standing position. You can continue doing this with alternate legs so as to give an equal amount of attention to both your legs.

4. Squats

Squats - Simple Daily Exercises Every Youngster should follow - Fitness Tips

Squats help you to define your butt and tone your legs. It also increases your stamina so that you can do things much easier. The main benefit of doing squats is that it improves your digestive system and burns the excess calories and fats. It regulates your hormonal secretion and as a result, it enhances your body as a whole. Squats seem easier to be done but they have to be done carefully to avoid muscle and joint injuries. During the initial days of doing squats you might also have muscular pain in your calves and legs but as soon as you make it a habit, the pain fades away slowly because your body becomes used to it.

5. Mountain climbers

This exercise increases your heart rate and helps you work on your core muscles. This can be started by lying in a push-up position and then slowing moving your one leg forward such that your knee touches the ground maintaining the push-up position. This can be done by repeated by doing it with alternate legs. The longer you do, the better the flexibility you have in your body.

6. Leg Raises

Leg Raises - Simple Daily Exercises Every Youngster should follow - Fitness Tips

As the name suggests, leg raises can be done by lying down on your back and slowly raising your both the legs together at a 90-degree angle with your rest of the body. These raises can prove beneficial in building abs and your core muscles. You need to take care that you raise both your legs together and you have a firm control over them. While bringing them down on the ground, you cannot just leave them loose but you need to bring them down slowly and have a grip just as you had raised them up.

7. Crunches

Crunches - Simple Daily Exercises Every Youngster should follow - Fitness Tips

Crunches help you in burning your belly fat and giving more defined abs. You need to lie down on your back and bring your knees forward so that your feet in touching the ground with your hands behind your head as shown in the picture. This is your steady position. Next, you need to lift your head from the ground in a forward direction and repeat doing until you have reached your target. This is the traditional crunch and once you have mastered this you can always go for the other variants of crunches to have better results.

Working out in gyms or following a strict diet can be tedious and difficult for today’s generation. Therefore, these basic exercises will help them to have a fit, healthy and toned body. The greatest perk of doing these simple daily exercises is that you can do this at home without spending a single penny. Just spare a few minutes from your busy schedule and you can have a healthy and longer life.

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