Should School teachers be Blamed for Students’ Failure?


If blaming a teacher is an art, students and parents are Picasso’s of it.

I have seen that not only students but also their parents blame teachers for their child’s failure. The trend of blaming teachers has gone from bad to worse. Let me give you an example, One year ago, a teacher was appointed to teach a mathematics class. He was a great teacher and was regarded as one of the best teachers of Mathematics. He taught that class well and cleared every doubt of students. He was appreciated by all the students. However, some of the students failed in the exam and he was blamed for student’s failure. He was so tired of being blamed that he left the college. So the question is should teachers be blamed for student’s failure? The answer is absolutely not.

Why should teachers not be blamed for student’s failure?

1. System

  • The fault lies in the system. Teachers are merely doing what they are told.
  • So many subjects. There is no point teaching so many subjects, it is not going to help them anyways. For example, if a student wants to become an engineer, what is the point of teaching him history.
  • 8 hours of school. Human brain is not a computer. It needs rest. So, if you are expecting students to read 8 subjects in a day, sorry to say that it is not practically possible to read and understand that much in a day.

2. Students

  1. Some students are not attentive in class. Although, the teacher is teaching well but if the student is not attentive in the class what can a teacher possibly do. Mere physical presence is not enough one must need to be present mentally also.
  2. Not doing assignments given by the teacher. If a student doesn’t do his or her assignments given by the teacher, how could he or she possibly imagine to learn and pass the exam.
  3. As a student, I hate to admit it but this is the truth. Why blame teachers when students are not willing to put effort.

3. Parents

  • Parents should build an environment where learning is not enforced but made enjoyable.
  • It is not enough to send your kids to school and hope that teachers will do everything. It is their job as well.

4. Society

  • Society doesn’t value education, learning or high thinking.
  • As a society, we have accepted that a student needs to go to school 8 hours a day and learn things even if he or she is not interested. There is no time left to explore other talents.

5. High Expectations

  • Everyone thinks that their child is brilliant. Parents should realize that everyone can’t score 90%.
  • Everyone has his or her limitations and talents. Even if a child is getting 80% he or she has been told that they are not good enough and even the teachers teaching the child are blamed. This should not be done as it affects the child’s self-confidence.

If this continues, no one will be motivated to teach. Who wants to deal with such criticism by students and parents. We are criticising teachers so much that one-day classrooms will be without the teachers. Why blame the teachers when our system is at fault.