Self-Help – Bits of advice I would like to give to my younger self


Often it happens that we have some or few expectations that might not turn out in reality as expected. As we learn things lesser by mugging up textbooks and scoring marks and more by a set of experiences.So here are some bits of advice for my younger self and to all the young people reading this looking for self-help.

Bits of advice to my younger self for the future

1. When I put myself in the boots of older days when I used to be a kid, I felt school to a burden and was desperate to move out and get into a college. It didn’t turn out according to my expectations. We move and strand ourselves in responsibilities that isn’t a matter of fun or enjoyment. However, do enjoy your every moment as a kid and as a school student.

2. Also, one thing we always live in is that people will approach us if we look good and this is the primary thing. This is so not true. Your looks are just the secondary things. What matters here and acts as a primary factor in your personality. Maybe it’ll take more time but it’s for a long-term purpose and will help you everywhere.

3. One common thing which every parent or school kid thinks of is – You’re just dumb if you’re not into Science stream. I’ve come across a lot of people following their passion in lesser-known fields and still reaching the plethora of success. Follow your passion in the long run instead of made up ideologies.

4. Also one thing and most important too are children getting into depression and anxiety and ultimately dragging themselves to the cliff from where there is no return. They should understand that such things happen just to strengthen their mental immunity that is essential for you in the bigger and worthier challenges in the coming future. In case of anxiety and depression, just share your concerns with the people around and just not let them incept into each other into you. You’ll always feel better after sharing.

5. We watch TV, surf internet, we see people smoking and drinking and we actually we so cool about it and when it comes to time, we leave no opportunity to get into this addiction culture. Initially, we may not realize and find it as ‘cool guy thing’ and it can affect you adversely in the near future. Do not ruin your world all by yourself by getting into smoking, alcohol or other such addiction. You’ll nothing from the regrets that might come by your side after getting into addiction culture.

So these were 5 major recommendations from me for my younger self to avoid conceiving misconceptions in ourselves. There’s nothing in it that you might get from some recommend author but just my 20 years of experience of life. I’ve got into troughs, lows, and highs and made out the results from them. These might prove useful to you when you’ll be standing in course of a dilemma.

All this leads just to a better life and nothing else.