Self Help – Advice for young students regarding life | Recommendations to young students


We all are well aware of the fact that change is the only consistent thing in the world, yet many of us fail to accept it which results in a personal loss. Personal loss as in instability of the thoughts, depression and blames on self. But, the thing one must know is ” You cannot change what already happened but you can prevent it from happening again”.In the due course of life, we often tend to make mistakes which we regret later and wish if there was someone to prepare us for all of this. There are times when we seek advice. So, here is my advice for young students regarding life.

1. Don’t overburden yourself

At times, because of either high expectations or a lot of workloads, you often exhausted yourself for too long. Whatever may the situation is, simply over exhausting oneself for the gain of name or fame is not good. Exhaustion is one thing and over exhaustion is completely different. Hence, I would recommend not to overdo yourself again.

2. Expectations are good, Over Expectation is dangerous

Could there be a world without hopes and expectations? Probably not. People say “You can achieve only if you desire”. So, if we say to put a full stop to all the desires, then it will eventually kill your dreams and your gist of growing and exposure to the outer world. Expectations are good as long as you can beat them, once you find it difficult to resist, try avoiding them. There were many a time when you ended up being broken just because of the high expectations you hold onto the people.

Don’t cross your limit of expectations, you will end up being destroyed completely.

3. Socialise with people

There were situations due to which you were unable to socialize well. Staying a dark closed room all by yourself and desiring someone to come look for you is not a cup of tea for you. Try to mix with the different kinds of people. People with different attitudes, interests, and habits. Expand your field of vision and try looking for company. Solitude isn’t always the best option, sometimes a person works too.

4. Take your decisions confidently

Crossroads are meant to appear in life. It depends completely on your mind how you look at them and come up with a solution. Remember life is yours, so you own the sole right for all the happening and consequences. Try to take decisions with full confidence. Struggling with your problems for long will not do you any good. Whenever you find difficulty in taking a decision, just follow your inner voice. The first thing which comes to your mind will be your choice. Give your mind the right it has. Try to rely more on your mind than your heart. Decisions relating to your career plays a very important role and so you need to take it confidently without giving it a second thought.

5. Don’t hold onto people

This is the best advice I would give to you because you need to know that no one is permanent in this world, Our life isn’t eternal. So, simply attaching yourselves with the people you admire will only give your pain. Everyone has their own life and has the right to live it in their way. Don’t long for someone to become a part of your life if they don’t aspire it.

Live on your own. Don’t rely on people for your life

So, these were some of the things I would recommend to my younger self so as to live the life comfortably and happily. You need to take care of certain things in your life, for it to go well. I hope this would give you an idea of what you should take care of in your life. Do tell me the things you will recommend to your younger self in the comment section.