Sci-Fi shows on Netflix – List of best series available on Netflix


Are you a sci-fi lover? If yes, then you must want to watch all such TV shows and movies. However, the task could become really difficult sometimes as you may not get what you are looking for even after hours of research over the internet. So, to solve this problem we bring before you a list of top sci-fi shows on Netflix.

Top Sci-Fi shows on Netflix

1. The OA

The OA - Sci-Fi shows on Netflix - List of best series available on Netflix

The OA is a sci-fi and fantasy Netflix original that premiered in the year 2016 and it received huge appreciation worldwide due to the brilliant acting and some great science and fiction stuff. The story revolves around a woman who suddenly appears before the world after being disappeared suddenly. Before her disappearance the women was blind but she returns with a proper eyesight. If you want some really good content based on pure scientific concepts you must take binge watch The OA.

2. Travelers

“Travelers” secured 2 positions in the list of Top 10 most binged shows of 2017 on Netflix; and it’s strong storyline is the main cause behind the fact. The Travelers is set in a post-apocalyptic future and revolves around a group of people who form a group called travelers. The travelers travel back in time, by transferring their consciousness into the bodies of 21st-century humans who are on the verge of death. It’s pure sci-fi fun show with enough action and suspense to keep newcomers to the genre thoroughly entertained.

3. 3%

3% - Sci-Fi shows on Netflix - List of best series available on Netflix

“3%”, a foreign language dystopian thriller, is the first show on Netflix to be produced entirely in Portuguese. It is a pure thriller based on science and fantasy stuff. Premiered in the year 2016, 3% never fails to amuse its audience with all the cool stuff and twists and turns in the plot.

4. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon - Sci-Fi shows on Netflix - List of best series available on Netflix

Altered Carbon is set 300 years from now, in the year 2384, your memories can be digitized and downloaded in human and non-human vessels known as “sleeves” – to be used for a variety of purposes. Takeshi Kovacs, a criminal and political operative, wakes up centuries after his death in a new body and is tasked with solving the murder of one of the world’s wealthiest men. With its stunning visuals and strong storyline, it is favorite for many.

5. Dark

Dark - Sci-Fi shows on Netflix - List of best series available on Netflix

This German show is set in a small town; a portion of the action takes place in the ‘80s and the plot revolves around the disappearance of a child. Premiered in the year 2017 the plot of the show involves cool scientific stuff like time travel, wormholes and a decade old secret that has impacted three generations of families from the 1950s to the present day. The show is paced expertly, it slowly pulls back the veil on a tiny German town with a bunch of terrifying secrets revealing at just the right time intervals to keep the audiences glued to the screens.

6. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones - Sci-Fi shows on Netflix - List of best series available on Netflix

If you’re one of those people who has not watched any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s small screen productions then, Jessica Jones is a very good place to start off with. Krysten Ritter shines in the titular role and David Tennant’s mind controlling baddie with a penchant for the color purple manages to be both terrifying and complex. Jessica Jones plays more like a hardboiled detective novel, one that is admittedly peppered with fantastical elements but also tackles serious, pressing contemporary themes. So if you are an ardent sci-fi lover then you must go for the show.

All these sci-fi shows offer great content along with amazing VFX and strong storylines, so if you are in search of some good stuff then you must watch them!

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