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Cracking the SBI PO 2019 is a dream for many. There are a lot of young people out there who dream of working as an officer in the biggest bank in India. But do you how many SBI PO posts are vacant in 2019?  What would be your duty when you join your SBI PO post? What would be your career growth? In the following article, we would talk about all the details about SBI Posts that you should know about.

SBI PO Posts – SBI PO Vacancy 2019

Let us first take a look at the SBI PO Vacancy 2019. As you know the official vacancies are not available yet as the notification hasn’t been declared. However, we expect that the SBI PO vacancy 2019 to be within 3000-4000. This is just a probable range. We would update the information as soon as we get it from the official sources.

To know more about the SBI PO Vacancy, click on the link below:

SBI PO Vacancy 2019

SBI PO Posts – Designation and Career Growth

Let us take a look at the SBI PO post that you would be getting. After completion of your probation period, you would be posted as an Assistant Manager in one of the branches in the region that you have chosen. The starting in-hand salary is around Rs 23000 -Rs. 27000 depending on the place of posting.

Let us look at the table below:

Rank-11 Chairman
Rank-10 Managing Director
Rank-9 Deputy Managing Director
Rank-8 Chief General Manager
Rank-7 General Manager
Rank-6 Deputy General Manager
Rank-5 Assistant General Manager
Rank-4 Chief Manager
Rank-3 Manager
Rank-2 Deputy Manager
Starting Rank Assistant Manager

The above table gives you an idea of the career growth of an SBI PO. The first posting is the Assistant Manager. The best thing about SBI PO promotions is that is exam-bound, not time bound. This means that you don’t have to wait for years to get your promotion. The SBI conducts promotion exam every year and you can sit for them if you meet certain requisites. Once you pass the exam, you would be promoted to the next higher SBI PO post. So, within just three years, you can become  Manager!

Job Responsibilities of SBI PO Posts

Let us look at the Job Responsibilities of SBI PO posts.

  • During the probation period, which is for 2 years, you can be asked to perform any kind of bank related activity. It can be a clerk or assistant type of job. This is done to get you acquainted with various working procedures of the bank.
  • After successful completion of the probation period, you would be posted in any bank branch as an Assistant Bank Manager to handle works on daily customer transactions which includes passing a cheque, draft issuance, cash management etc.
  • You have to work towards increasing the bank business by doing things like managing cash flow, loans and mortgages and finances.
  • Another responsibility of SBI PO posts is to work as a public relations officer. You need to handle customer complaints and address various customer related issues such as discrepancies in accounts, rectification of undue charges and look into complaints regarding services provided by the bank.
  • Once you get familiar with the bank environment and gain enough experience on bank’s working procedures, based on their personal skills and aptitude, they can be assigned more responsible work like planning, budgeting, marketing, loan processing and approval, investment management etc.
  • The work of an SBI PO also includes managerial tasks, such as supervision of clerical work, making decisions for the benefit of the bank, managing cash balance etc.
  • PO has to verify all the work done by bank clerk. All the transactions of the bank involve the role of ‘maker’ and ‘checker’. For example, in cash transactions, if the clerk is the maker, then the officer is the checker.  On the other hand, in the case of loans, generally, PO is the maker and bank manager is the checker. The responsibility of losses resides with the checker.
  • As an officer, you need to take care of the loan related documents and performs on site visit of the loan taking parties as and when required.
  • A bank PO issues ATM cards, chequebooks, Demand Drafts etc.
  • It is anticipated that a PO should be aware of all the latest developments of the bank. They are required to read all the circulars and should know about all the decisions taken by the bank management.

So, these are some of the things that you should know about the SBI PO posts. We hope that you found this article to be useful. For the complete details about SBI PO exam 2018, click on the link below:

SBI PO 2019 Details