SBI PO Interview – The Things that You Should Know for SBI Probation officer Interview


The SBI PO exam 2019 would be conducted in the latter half of the month of July 2019. That is the probable date for the prelims exam. The mains exam would be conducted later on. As you might know, the exam is a three-tiered one. The first stage is the prelims, followed by the mains and then the interview. As the interview round is the last round of the exam, it is quite crucial for you. However, there is no set pattern for the interview. This makes it unpredictable and that often scares the candidate. In the following post, we would be talking about some of the details that you should know about the SBI PO interview.

SBI PO Interview Date 2019

As you know, the official notification for SBI PO 2019 is not out yet. Therefore, we don’t know the SBI PO Interview Date 2019. However, the tentative dates are available with Topprnotes. The following table gives the details of the SBI PO interview¬†dates.

Event Date
Call letter for interview September 2019
Group exercise and Interview October 2019
Final result will be announced November 2019

Please note that these are not the confirmed dates. We would update the information as soon as we get the official notification. For the latest updates on SBI PO exam dates, click on the button below:

SBI PO Dates 2018

The SBI PO Interview Process

The entire SBI PO Interview process involves the following stages

  • Document Verification
  • Group Discussion
  • Group Excercise
  • Personal Interview

Let us look at the details of each of the stages of the exam.

Document Verification: The first stage is document verification. You would need to bring all your educational certificates, caste certificates, ID proof, and all the other required documents. Your Aadhar number would be verified along with biometric verification.

Group Discussion – The next phase is Group Discussion or GD. Here, you would be assigned to a group of candidates and you would be asked to discuss about the topic. You need to keep the following things in mind when you are in the GD

  • You would be given 5 minutes of time before the GD starts. Use that time to come up with valid arguments and points.
  • Don’t raise your voice to prove your point.
  • Always let the person talking to finish the sentence. Never cut him/her midway.
  • Some groups tend to divide the time between them so that everyone gets a chance. Don’t do that as it is not right.
  • Don’t wait for your chance. You have to seize it.

Group Exercise – In the group exercise, you would be given a proposal or something of that kind, and you would need to reach a consensus along with the rest of the members of the group. Try to follow these tips during Group Exercise

  • Try to seize the leadership of the group early. Give everyone the chance to present their views and let others discuss
  • If someone else has seized leadership of the group, don’t go against him/her unnecessarily. It is a test of how well you work in a group.
  • Try very hard to reach a consensus. Listen to others carefully and try to include other people views as well.

Personal Interview – This the last phase. You would be facing a panel of interviewers and you would be alone sitting on front of them. Try to follow these tips during the interview

  • Be confident in front of the panel. Don’t drop your shoulders or cross your hands. Don’t be too casual or too uptight.
  • Answer questions in the language you feel comfortable.
  • Always greet the lady (if any) in the panel first and then the gentlemen.
  • Don’t sit until they tell you to.

SBI PO Interview Questions

Let us take a look at the SBI PO interview questions that are commonly asked. In most cases, the questions would be of the following types:

  • Why do you want to join banking?
  • If you are working, then they would ask questions about your job and skills.
  • Questions about your educational background
  • General Knowledge questions
  • Questions on the banking and financial sector, especially the ones related to SBI
  • The services and achievements of SBI

The entire interview would hardly last 7-8 minutes. You would need to make the right impression. So be confident.

SBI PO Interview Result

The SBI PO interview results would be declared about 15-30 days after the interviews are conducted. You can check the result by clicking on the link below

SBI PO Interview Results 2019

The link is not active now. It would be active when the final results would be declared by SBI PO.

These were some of the important information that you need to know about the SBI PO interview. To know more about the other stages of the the SBI PO Selection Process, click on the button below:

SBI PO Selection Process