SBI PO 2020Group Discussion – Crack Group Discussion | Prepare for GD


After the commencement of SBI PO Mains 2020, selected candidates will be called up for Group Discussion and Interview rounds. GD and PI constitute total 50 marks where Group discussion section is of 20 marks and Personal Interview of 30 marks. Candidates should know important tips and tricks to crack SBI PO 2020 group discussion. SBI prepares the final Merit list on the basis of the marks scored by candidates in SBI PO Mains 2021, Group Discussion and Interview.

Importance of Group Discussions in SBI PO 2020

Group discussion is a modern method of evaluating candidate’s personality. Group of 6 to 12 candidates is formed and is given a specific situation or topic to analyze and discuss within a given time limit, which may vary between 10 – 20 minutes. They may even be given a case study and asked to come out with a solution for a problem or they may be given a topic and are asked to discuss the same.

The personality traits that are judged in SBI PO Group Discussion include

  • Team skills: Behaviour and interaction with the group
  • Initiative: Eager to take initiatives
  • Reasoning Ability: Rational behind presenting an opinion
  • Creativity/Out of the box thinking
  • Leadership and decision making skill
  • Ability to inspire: Analytical skills and subject knowledge
  • Listening: Handling other’s opinion
  • Assertiveness and Attitude
  • Awareness: Eagerness to learn consistently

Do’s for SBI PO 2020 Group Discussion

Whenever a candidate is part of a Group Discussion, there are some important points which are needed to be considered.

  •  Speak presently and politely to the group.
  •  Think about your contribution before you speak.
  •  How best can you answer the question/contribute to the topic?
  •  Respect the contribution of everyone.
  •  Initiate the GD only when you are clear about the topic and have compiled enough points beforehand to lead the conversation.
  •  Remember that a discussion is not an argument.
  •  Learn to disagree politely.
  •  Try to stick to the discussion topic. Don’t introduce irrelevant information.
  •  Be aware of your body language when you are speaking.
  •  Agree with and acknowledge that you find interesting.
  •  When given an opportunity to open or summarize take the lead and stick to the task.

Dont’s for SBI PO 2020 Group Discussion

  • Don’t lose your temper.Don’t shout.Use a moderate tone and medium pitch
    don’t use too many gestures when you speak. Gestures like finger pointing and table thumping can appear aggressive.
  • Don’t dominate the discussion.Confident speakers should allow quieter students a chance to contribute.
  • Don’t draw too much on personal experience an anecdote. Although some may suggest that candidate should reflect on their own experience, remember not to generalize it.
  • No need to go in depth for some exact figures every time until and unless its required.
  •  Try to be a leader, but do not  interrupt in between. Wait for a speaker to finish what they are saying before you speak.
    Address the group and not to panel of judges. Also, avoid side discussions with neighbours, remember it is a ‘Group’ Discussion.

Group Discussion SBI PO 2020 – Important points to remember

  • Just have to be clear on your opinion while discussing any topic in a group discussion.
  • If you think you are not able to kick-start the discussion well during SBI PO 2020 Group Discussion, you can let others speak first and gather ideas on it meanwhile and then express your views accordingly.
  • Generally, each member is asked to talk about it for 2 minutes but the sequence may be random i.e. anyone can start the discussion followed by an open discussion for 5 minutes.
  • NOTE: One has to be very clear about their views in because the panel members observe it well and ask questions about the same during the round.

Group Discussion Topics for SBI PO