Say no to bullying | Keep these tips in mind if you are being bullied


College life may seem to be quite cheerful and desirable. But sometimes the harsh truth of bullying often makes the college environment for the student undesirable. Bullying is a serious problem where a person known as a bully frequently teases or makes fun of another person, damages the belongings of his target, says mean and hurtful things and also tries to make the person feel lonely. Sometimes the bullying behaviour is so badly aggravated that the bully tries to hit or push his target in a way that is physically hurtful. The impact on the person getting bullied is very tormenting. He feels sad, embarrassed, hurt, scared and also he feels bad about himself. The effect of bullying is so much that the person becomes powerless and does not understand what to do about it. This may cause further ill-effects on the mental and physical health of the student. To prevent the student from falling into a bad state of mind due to bullying, here are some ways which can help the student to overcome this problem. So, say no to bullying.

Say No to Bullying

1. Be Brave

When the bully tries to scare you or overpowers you, you tend to become afraid and show that you are weak in front of him. But that is not the way to react in front of your bully. You should show that you are brave enough to deal with him. You should stand up confidently in front of him which would clearly portray the message of “Don’t mess with me. Back off”. The bullies often try to hurt powerless and fragile people but if you be brave and show that you are not someone who can be easily overpowered, the bully will instantly run away and never cross your paths again.

2. Ignore

The bully’s main motive is to derive a reaction from you. If you show your weakness or say something in your defence, they feel that their behaviour is affecting you and they become happy and satisfied. They feel that they are powerful enough to impact you. As much as you can, try avoiding the bully. Take a different route and pretend as if you don’t hear them and walk away to a place that is safe for you. By doing this, the bully will become frustrated as his means are not achieved and therefore he will stop bothering you.

3. Get a friend on your side

If you are alone, people will try to irritate you, hurt you and torture you taking the advantage of the fact that you are lonely and no one is there to support you. But if you have a group of friends or at least one or two friends by your side, the bully will think twice before approaching you. So make friends with your classmates specifically with students who are powerful and strong enough to support you in such crises and maintain a true friendship.

4. Hold your anger and do not react in front of the bully

It is natural to get angry and irritated by your bully’s behaviour. But to show it in front of your bully can worsen the situation. The bully might feel happy and glad about getting a reaction from you as he desired. It may further encourage him to continue bullying you with new sorts of methods seeing your anger and helplessness. It is important that you don’t show your anger on your face when you are in front of them and just smile it away. Your smile will irritate the bully to an extent which you cannot imagine and he will definitely stop following you. Also, if the bullying becomes really bad and the person tries to hit you physically, do not fight or hit back. Involving in a fight can be dangerous for you and you might also land up into trouble concerning the college authorities. So it is better to maintain your distance and be safe.

5. Talk to an adult

If you are being bullied or tortured by someone, it is important that this issue should be brought to the notice of an adult. You can talk about this problem with a person you can trust and who will help you to face this situation. The people with whom you can talk can include your parents, close relative, your teachers, your principal or your college counsellor. Often when the bully comes to know that an adult knows about this situation and his bad deeds, he will stop the act of bullying due to the fear of getting punished by parents or college. Bullying is wrong and every student who is getting bullied should speak up to protect himself and others around him who are prey to this heinous act.

Stop Bullying - Say no to bullying

In the end, it is a bully who faces problems in his life. They start losing friends and companions because of their cruel behaviour. Bullies can be changed by taking the help of their parents, teachers and counsellors. They can invest their strength and ideas in a productive and a positive way. If they do this, they will surely never again resort to bullying as a way to feel powerful and dominate others.