IBPS RRB fill in the blanks quiz


Welcome to your IBPS RRB fill in the blanks quiz

Almost 90% of the spices produced are utilized within the country, and only the ——- is exported.
Rohit was advised to take ———– since he broke his leg in the accident.

She————- in a slum area and struggles hard to reach her workplace every day.
Despite the existence of safety norms, many private buses plying in Malabar continue to violate all norms risking the ———– of passengers.

The ————-of the bus was arrested two days after the incident.
Women’s safety was the key ———– behind the big push for sanitation in the villages.

It is always the ordinary people who ——–victims of violence because the politicians move around in bullet-proof vehicles.
Those who conspire against others———— into their own trap.

Steel prices, which have been on the rise for last several years, have ————-the backbone of auto parts industry.

It is ————-for children, elderly and people suffering from lung diseases to avoid going out early in the morning.

Adopting healthy habits is vital in curbing the spread of H1N1, and it is high time people ———–it.

Since ————of mango trees is a very sensitive period, any weather change can badly hit its productivity and quality.

The fleeting ————- of rainfall have increased the fears of a steep rise in vegetable prices among traders and consumers.
The child had the problem of learning how to ———- a word, for which he was taken to the psychiatrist.

The —————should understand that they would get a licence only if they have basic skills of driving.