Pros and cons of an internship – Should you opt-in for multiple internships


Will it be a good decision to undergo multiple internships? What’s the benefit that one could extract from it? Will they help in contributing to your professional development or will they sound irrelevant? Won’t they have an effect on the academics? Can multiple internships actually help in the professional development? Questions like these keep on popping up in the minds of the individual whenever there occurs a thought of pursuing more than one internship. Well, multiple internships have their own set of pros and cons of an internship attached with themselves which people aren’t generally aware of, and it’s time they come to know about it.

Pros and cons of an internship

Pros associated with multiple internships

1. A proper calendar of events can surely help you benefit from the internships

Whether you are in college or done your graduation, multiple internships can surely help you in both the cases if you have a proper calendar of events that let you decide on the time you want to invest for gaining a bit of work experience. You can even opt for the virtual internships to cut the hassle of shifting to a different city or location. Not to forget the provision of part-time internships as well.

2. Explore and experiment with your career option

Multiple internships can surely help you in exploring your abilities and interest. Based on your experiences during the course of the internship, you can decide whether a particular field suite your interest.

3. Helps in Networking

Multiple internships do give students ample opportunities to develop a strong network with industry personnel and in the process land up on well-paying jobs based on the experience and referrals.

Cons associated with multiple internships

1. Your academics could suffer to some extent

Owing to multiple internships, there is a chance that your education might get hampered on many occasions. Getting some work experience is no doubt a plus point, but, at the expense of your academics won’t help you in the long run. You must remember that most of the companies have percentage criteria which might not even make you eligible for the interview sessions despite your prowess and work experiences. Academics must not be sidelined in exchange for work experience.

2. Are your internships adding value to your resume?

If you are simply taking on random internships which seem to be meaningless or irrelevant then it certainly would do more harm than good. If the internships aren’t adding knowledge or help you develop professionally then there’s no use in continuing that work by putting in your time and effort. While taking up multiple internships, one must aim for the learnings that would be obtained during the course of the internship.

Lessons you learn in an Internship

3. Are your internships even relevant?

Many students prefer doing internships which are more of a hobby which could help them ooze out their mind from unnecessary pressure. If these internships are related to your career or interest, then it could act as a catalyst to your learning ability. If they aren’t helping you anyhow in shaping your career and future, then it’s time you take a call on them.

Final Thoughts

These were the pros and cons of an internship while doing multiple internships. There’s no harm in adding some work experience to your resume in the form of multiple internships. The fact that you’d get the mastery over the field of your interest is something that you should opt-in at any expense. Though it’s up to you, whether you are willing to go for multiple internships, in my opinion, you must not shy away from any opportunity that lets you grow on a personal and professional level.

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