How to Prepare Reasoning for SBI Clerk 2020 Exam


The preparation strategy for SBI Clerk is changed completely. After the release of the new exam pattern, the approach of attempting the exam is changed. In this new SBI Clerk exam pattern, there is a specific time(20 min) assigned for each section. The applicants have to attempt 1 subject at a time and after completion of 20 min, he/she can switch the section. Also, as per the new norms, there would be no cut off to qualify for the SBI Clerk Mains exam. The official would pick the top merit applicant in the ratio of 1:10 (seat and student). You can read the read the whole article below:

Updated Exam Pattern for SBI Clerk 2019 Exam

In this section, we’ll be discussing how to prepare reasoning for SBI Clerk 2020 Exam. What should be study plans, what books you should refer and tips on the reasoning for SBI Clerk Exam.

How to Prepare Reasoning for SBI Clerk 2020

Reasoning Ability is said to be the most well-scoring section, as most of the topics have direct questions in it. For the ease of the applicants, we dividing the reasoning syllabus into few major categories. We will be discussing the categories and along with tips to solve these topics.

  • Arrangement and Pattern
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Inequalities
  • Syllogism
  • Blood Relationship
  • Order and position
  • Direction and distance

Arrangement and Pattern

The questions generally fall under this category are series based questions. They are either series of number or alphabets, arranged in some series or pattern. The student needs to understand the pattern and predict the missing no. in the series. The trick to solving these type of question is to look for the relationship between complimentary no. for example 1st digit with the 1st digit of another no. analysing the difference and identify a particular pattern. Similarly, for the arrangement of alphabets, the same difference in position and pattern needs to understand. Let’s take an example of series:

Example 1. 143  255  367  xxx  581

Now as you can see that every 1st and 2nd digit is increasing by 1 and every 3rd digit is increasing by 2. But we observe the 3rd digit the no. is 1 ideally it should be 11 or so. right? Here we would like you to understand that the after completion or 0 to 9 the series again start with 1. Hence the no. is 473. Similarly, if this series has been alphabetical series, for example.

Example 2. ACE HJL OQS XXX

In this series, if you try to identify the pattern each the 1st word ACE the difference between it A, C, E is 1 alphabet, which similar in other words like HJL and OQS. Further, if observe the 1st alphabet of the 2nd word and last alphabet of the 1st word has a difference of  4 characters and this same is followed in rest of the words. Hence the missing word is VXZ.

Coding and Decoding

Coding and decoding is actually a fun topic, to begin with.  In this topic, a message is coded with some rules that are given already and you need to decode that code.  Or sometimes a Decoded has to be coded. Let’s take an example:

Example 1:

  • Bat is long – ta fa lu
  • Ball is round – fa che hi
  • Pitch and ball – lu fa Je
  • Bat and Pitch – ta je fa
    What would be bat and ball?

Now as you can see that the statement has Bat And Ball, now I can see from the statement 1 and 3 “is long” is common which shows that Bat is “ta”. And from the statement 2 and 3 we can get that the ball is “fa” and from 3 and 4, the And is je. The Bat and Ball are “ta je fa”.


A simple mathematical or logical equation, that is expanded relaying on other function. There would be a bunch of relationships denoted by symbols, and there would be a master statement given with all the symbols asking for a relationship for 2 functions. Let’s take an example

Example 1:

A © B’ means ‘A is smaller than B’.
‘A % B’ means ‘A equal to B ’.
find A % B, B © C  What is a relation between A and C.

Now the relationship between A and C, then we’ll see the relations. As mentioned A % B, which mean A is equal to B. Other statement say that B is smaller than C. Now according to these 2 statements A is equal to B and B is anyways smaller than C. Therefore A is anyways smaller C.


The Syllogism is all about relationships. There are certain statements which are related to some fact and there are some other statements related to other facts. On the basis of similarity in the statements, there are factual basis questions. Now imagine these statements are logical, for example, Cow has 4 Legs / Dogs has 4 leg / Dogs has a tail. Tell me if Cow has a tail.
There is no statement mentioning about Cow and Tail hence the answer is either “No relation” or “Can’t say”. Apart from this, there are Vain diagrams which are relationship diagram. You can refer the Tips for Syllogism to understand the tricks.

Blood Relationship

The Blood relationship is the family tree. We mark the males as “+” and female “-“, with a name of the position with the first alphabet. Increasing the tree through statements by statements. Keeping  1 starting point. Therefore it would be easy to see for you to understand the relationship and carry on the questions. You can refer to our “Blood relationship” topic for better clarity.

Order and Positions

As the name suggests Order and position is about a finding the position or order in series. In this section, we have the question like find a position of x in a building. Given the position of other in related terms. The best approach to solve these question is to attempt a good amount of practice. Or write all statement separately and start placing and arranging them one by one.

Direction and Distance

It is compartively easy questions. In whcih either you have to find the total distance travelled or direction in which person is facing (given in question). The easy way to solve these questions is this that you create a direction sign on the paper and draw the statement (direction and distance) as per the question.

When you prepare reasoning for  SBI Clerk, please remember the time is limited. Either be certain that you can solve the question or dont spend much time on that. The best way to tackle is to practice a good amount.

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