How to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Clerk Exam


The SBI clerk exam 2020 would follow the new pattern which was introduced in the year 2019. Now there is no specific cut off to qualify for the SBI Clerk mains exam. The officials from selection committee would choose the topper from the merit list in the ration of 1:10 (seat to student). This updated exam pattern would affect those who know one subject (any of from maths, English and reasoning). The student has to excel in all the subjects to manage a high aggregate in SBI Clerk prelims exam so that he/she can qualify for the SBI Clerk Mains exam. To read about the more about the expected cut off for SBI Clerk 2020, please refer the below article.

Expected Cut off for SBI Clerk 2019

In this article, we would discuss that how to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Clerk 2020 Exam. Along with that some of the best trick to solve the quantitative aptitude questions quickly.

How to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Clerk 2020

Quantitative ability is a vast subject and most of the applicants tend to spend the most their time in practising this subject. In SBI Clerk 2020 the Quants has 35 questions in prelims and 45 question in mains. This means you need to focus on preparing quantitative ability for SBI Clerk exam. In this article, we shall discuss the important topics and basic tips to save time. For the ease of the applicant we have, we have segregated the whole syllabus into 4 small sections. While proceeding with the topics we shall discuss the plans or tricks to solve them. The sections are  as following:

  • Simplification
  • Number Series
  • Data interpretation
  • Miscellaneous

Now please don’t be confused that these topics are different from the usual. The questions are of different but fall in these 4 major categories only. Now let’s discuss the best practices to prepare for Quantitative Ability for the SBI Clerk 2020.


Simplification is actually a very simple but adds up somewhat around 20-30% of the overall question in quants section. Last year in SBI Clerk Exam, around 10 questions of simplification were there. Hence it is an important part of the quantitative preparation for SBI Clerk 2019. The topics that fall into this category are Decimal, Surds and Indices, Percentage, Square and Cubes, BODMAS and Approximate values. We have curated the tricks for the given topics in the link given below:

  • Rule of BODMAS
  • Quick tricks to solve Qube roots and Square root

Number Series

The Number series has series based questions. It has a question of missing values of series, prediction of missing values in a series, sum of the series, finding the “n” no. of the series and on. The trick to solving these kinds of questions is to practice a lot of questions so that you eventually able to the degree of variation in the question. Here are the few tricks to solve the questions from number series.

  1. For the series(of 6 no. generally), if the no. is missing try to see the pattern in 1st 3 digits and try the match the same pattern in the last 2 digit.
  2. For the prediction of a no. in a series, try to make a pattern by difference, adding up the value, multiplying the 2 precedes.
  3. To find the sum and “n” no., try to figure out if the series is A.P of G.P and apply the quick direct formula.

Data Interpretation

Data interpretation is a science of prediction on the basis of the give data. Generally, in SBI Clerk Exam, there is 1 big question with 5 subsets of questions. This question comes with 1 data, through which the applicants interpret the question asked. To solve DI, the student does not need to learn any special formulas. Rather he can practice ratio, percentage and average. And he/she would be able to do that.

  • Do Practice a lot of questions, because the practice is the key.
  • Attempt previous year paper (if found out)
  • Introduction of the different form of Data (bar graph, pie chart, histogram etc.
  • Here are some of the tricks we have curated.
    • Tips to solve maxima and Minima.
    • Rules to solve line graph based DI.
    • Tips to solve pie chart problem.

While Preparing Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Clerk, always remember that the shortcuts are for calculation. But you have understood the question to apply these tricks


Miscellaneous section has 10 question comprises of profit and loss, percentage, time and distance, ratio, average, simple and compound interest, mensuration and so on.  Combing they are somewhat around 28% of overall marks in the SBI Clerk Quantitative ability section. What we can suggest to you for preparing this section is to practice more and more of these question. So that eventually you would be able to understand the degree of variety of these questions. Along with that while preparing quantitative aptitude for SBI Clerk you would be able to get the hold on the calculation part which would help you solve in this section.

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