Prepare for College Exams in Delhi University | Real experience of exam preparation by Delhi University student


Preparing for exams is like a headache especially if they are college exams. You don’t know what to expect so you have to prepare according to that. However, we will understand about the structure and pattern of the exam. We will talk about college semester exams in the undergraduate program of Delhi University.

There are 100 marks for each paper you have to clear, out of which 25 marks are for internal assessment and 75 for theory exams. In order to clear the paper, you have to get at least D grade according to the CBCS system which is currently introduced.

  1. 75 marks for Theory Exams
  2. 25 marks for Internal Assessment
Letter Grade Letter Grade
O (Outstanding) 10
A+(Excellent) 9
A(Very Good) 8
B+(Good) 7
B(Above Average) 6
C(Average) 5
P (Pass) 4
F(Fail) 0
Ab (Absent) 0

Internal Assessment in Delhi University

When we talk about Internal Assessment in the exam, it carries 25 marks where 10 marks are for tests, 10 for projects/assignments and 5 for attendance. The criteria for attendance is as follows:

  • More than 67% but less than 70% – 1 mark
  • 70% or more but less than 75% -2 marks
  • 75% or more but less than 80% -3 marks
  • 80% or more but less than 85% -4 marks
  • 85% and above -5 marks

Theory Exams in Delhi University

Now let’s talk about 75 marks, depending on which course it is,  whether it is B.A, B.COM, B.SC. Different course incurs different questions unlike B.A where you have to write long answers. In each semester, you have to pass certain no. of papers to complete the course.

Semester Exam Preparation in College

  • Manage your time accordingly in the exam hall. Do those questions which you know first. For that, practice 10 years solved papers and try to complete paper on time.
  • Prepare your timetable and try to devote time for every subject .
  • Get well acquainted with the syllabus and practice the important questions.
  • If you don’t want to study hard but want to get good marks then prepare smartly.
  • Stay healthy and eat time to time and take breaks if needed.
  • Revision: The most important key is to revise what you did otherwise your work will go in vain. Go thoroughly to the syllabus and notes once again.

Experience of preparing and Clearing the exams

Prepare for College exams in Delhi University

I have already stated some preparation tips to clear the exams and now I am going to discuss the course B.SC(hons) mathematics. In this course we have to clear 14 paper +4 generic +2 (aecc+sec) + 4 DSE

It’s not what you have thought of maths which you used to study in school. It is more like theoretical and you can’t help but understand it as it is.

Sometimes you will question yourself how to clear these difficult exams but with hard work and smart work, you can do that. There are broadly three type of students in college when we talk about studies:

  • Students who study everyday and makes notes properly, it is a piece of cake. They have a higher chance of getting good grades.
  • Other type of students are those who study average but score well. There is no need to worry for them as well.
  • Then, there comes those who don’t study much and just think of getting passing marks. I am also one of them. It is not the case that I don’t want to study, it’s just that I can’t understand things properly if I can’t relate it and I am not good at mugging up things.

So to overcome these you should get in touch with the teacher, attend classes properly, attentive in lecture, make proper notes and when in doubt contact your teacher. Look for other books if you can’t understand the given text language. Discuss your doubts with friends around, play smartly.

In exam times , you should go through syllabus once then count important theorem and practice them . Then see last year question papers and try to solve them. There are a higher chance of questions being repeated.

Do your best in exam

Good luck for your exams 🙂