How to Prepare English for SBI Clerk 2019 Exam


SBI Officials recent launched an updated exam pattern for the SBI Clerk 2019 exam. According to this update, there would be no cut off to qualify for the SBI Clerk Mains 2019. The selection committee would choose the topper from the top merit list in a ratio of 1:10 (seat to student). And now onwards there will be 20 mins allocated for every section specifically. The applicants have to attempt a particular section for  20 mins and he/she cannot attempt some other sections.

At this point in time, those students who had the tendency to spend more time on Quantitative ability and Verbal reasoning would have limited time. So now if the applicants want to keep the score high they need to focus on other section, that is English ability. A detailed insight into the change in the exam pattern can be read here.

SBI Clerk 2019 Exam Pattern

In this article, we shall discuss the best approach to prepare English for SBI Clerk Exam and how to make a study plan for English in SBI Clerk Exam.

How to Prepare English for SBI Clerk

So now it is evident, that the applicant would be spending 20 min on English. So just make sure that you spend the time well and utilise the most of it. As compare to Quantitative Ability and Verbal Reasoning, it is easy to score in English. When we prepare English for SBI Clerk Exam, please be aware that there is the similar syllabus for SBI Clerk Mains and SBI Clerk Prelims, yet there is a huge difference.  In terms of the quality of questions, in the no. of questions and so on. So to develop an overall idea, we have divided the whole content into 4 major section, which is as follow:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Verbal Ability
  • Grammer
  • Vocabulary

We will take one point at a time and would discuss the same going forward.

Reading Comprehension

There is no trick in solving the reading comprehension. You have to go through all the passage, article to drive the crux out of the article. Usually, the article is about the social cause, baking and finance related news or some moral based story. You need to read the whole passage in once and understand the idea.

  • Develop the habit of reading. The practice of reading would help you to read quick and give you an understanding of the article. Newspapers can be a good choice to start with.
  • Practice RC daily. This would help you to understand the degree of questions.
  • Always attempt antonyms and synonyms.
  • Do not attempt to add outside knowledge, the answer has to be conveyed through the passage only.
  • Do not attempt a question which seems time taking to you. OR in such condition go with elimination method to choose the best suitable answer.

Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability is all based upon para jumbles. These para jumbles are generally based on either on passage or on predefined sentence.  In such cases, these tips can be helpful.

  • Generally, number, dates, places or name are the opening sentences.
  • Always look for the logical interpretation while arranging them.
  • In case of para jumbles with predefined sentences, there are high chances that sentence that need to arrange is a supporting statement.
  • Rule of elimination works best, as always.


The grammar section mainly tests the basic grammar of the applicants. This section consist of Error Spotting, Fill in the blank (double) and phrase replacements. We would be discussing all these parts bit by bit.

  • Error Spotting: Generally if you read the whole sentence once, you’ll be able to spot the error, but read the whole sentence. If you facing a hard time to find the error then use verb-subject agreement. And if even then you don’t get the answer, read the sentence in small portion and understand the tense, in accordance with the subject and object.
  • Cloze Test: In Cloze test, there is one paragraph given with few blanks. You need to fill the appropriate words in the blank, to make the paragraph meaningful. Generally, you can spot the right term easily within the context of the sentences. For this technique of elimination would have worked best.
  • Fill in the blank (Double): In this part, a statement is given with 2 blanks and 2 answers for each blank. Now you have to choose the best combination to be filled in the blank that it sounds the most right answer. Reading the sentences is helpful to approach.


Para jumbles, antonyms and synonyms and paragraph based fill in the blanks fall in this section. The fill in the blanks usually have questions which asked you to choose the best fit in the fill the blank from given synonyms.  The excel in this part you can try these tricks.

  • Try to understand the crux of the given paragraph. This will help you to arrange the Parajumble easily and quickly.
  • Read as much as possible antonyms and synonyms. You can refer some apps for the same here.
  • Read more stories, newspaper, blogs so that you eventually get this habit of reading as well as understanding the story.

Preparing English for SBI Clerk is not a hard, but one has to put his/her efforts on the learning of basic tips about subjects. Apart from this, the applicants must work on his/her accuracy, speed for reading. While preparing English for SBI Clerk Exam, speed and accuracy would help to get done with reading comprehension.

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