Perfect Playlist During Exams To Beat The Stress | Use Music to release stress during exams


College Exams and the burden of stress that comes with it is a thing that each one of us has experienced and it’s a thing which sometimes gets the best out of us or sometimes we just break down and simply give up, which is a very sad thing. Especially today when every day we read about suicides because some student out there just couldn’t cope up with that stress and just gave up. Thus, the rate of suicides is rising at an alarming rate.

Well, then what could be the solution to this?

Can it be done away with reducing the pressure which I think is not happening at any point in time? Is there any other way out?

Yes, there definitely is one.

It’s what we call the melody which is produced when two or more strings on the same cord coming together in harmony and producing tunes of soothing nature. It’s the perfect remedy to all our problems. It’s what we call Music.

Music has this capability to soothe you down anytime whenever any kind of tension arises and it will definitely work for the students during their exams. Music really calms us down and helps us connect the dots which were not possible when under stress and helps us concentrate even better. A peaceful mind is better to work with than with a

Sometimes music is the best thing which helps your mind get off something and so definitely got to choose the right kind of music which will help you to stress-down during exams.

Here is my playlist to go with during the exams and plugging in my earphones with these tracks playing just helps me to be at ease before the D-day.

1. Lakshya Title Track

This song with the powerful vocals of Shankar Mahadevan will definitely push you through the times of low self-esteem and self-doubt.

2. Tu Dhoop hai

As amazing as the movie, this track will definitely motivate you on.

“Tu Dhop Hai, Chham Se Bhikhar, Tu Hai Nadi O Bekhbar
Beh Chal Kahin, Udd Chal Kahin
Dil Khush Jahaan, Teri To Manzil Hai Wahi “

These lines are simply amazing to lift you up.

3. Parwa Nahin

 This song is a standout in itself from the amazing movie. MS Dhoni is an inspiration and this song definitely helps you to go full throttle and never be bogged down by the things that don’t matter much.

Whatever the situation may be, just believe in yourself and go all guns blazing.

4. “Paintra” from Mukabaaz

I may have suggested this because I am a big fan of NUCLEYA but trust me this rapturous lyrics with the powerful rap by DIVINE will definitely inspire you to go all out. This raw and classic track definitely gives us important life-lessons.

“Tu latak jhatak ke, uthak Patak ke
Faayda utha le mauke ka”

Such lyrics with the infectious beats of NUCLEYA will definitely help you to go all out in any situation and give in your best.

5. Believer

This Imagine Dragons track is one of their best and the Grammy Award winners have given us a track which will help you to lift yourself up.

6. “Don’t you Worry Child” from Swedish House Mafia

This track, the last one before SHM split up, has amazing lyrics and beats are just there take you out of your feeling-low kind of a mood.

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child
See heaven’s got a plan for you”

Amazing, isn’t it?

7. Whatever it Takes

It’s Imagine Dragons again. This song has got some really kicking lyrics to et you out of the zone.

“Hypocritical, egotistical
Don’t wanna be the parenthetical, hypothetical
Working on something that I’m proud of, out of the box
An epoxy to the world and the vision we’ve lost”

This and much more. So, just get it on your playlist and see its magic unveiling on you.

8. Paradise

This amazing track from the amazing Coldplay talks about a child’s dreams.

Never stop dreaming.
But not only do it but also work towards it.
Then only you can build the PARADISE which you are dreaming off.


I knew this would get a mention. Again because I am a big fan. But this motivating track from this Delhi based Indian Rock Band is the one to go for. Just play this and think of your inner soul getting uplifted to a greater height.

10. “Firestone” from KYGO

Last but not the least, this track is the one to go for whenever you want to just calm down.Peace and Calmness. This is what it provides best.

The beats are just the right kind to flow with which takes you into a whole new world of serenity.

It’s truly said that adopting the right attitude converts a negative stress into a positive one and playing the right kind of music will help you overcome exam stress.

So, just update your playlist and plug-in your earphones and beat the stress.