Paradise for Filmmakers – India Film Project


India Film Project is no less than a paradise for filmmakers. Organised every year in Mumbai, India, the event is largely a content creation festival that features a 50-hour filmmaking challenge at its core. IFP trends annually in the month of September since 2011 and entails all the participants to scrape up a full-fledged movie within the allotted duration of 50 hours. After the time is up, the movie is subjected to a rigorous assessment by a panel of judges who, with much difficulty, ultimately come up with the name of the winning team.

This event is considered the largest creative activity carried out in collaboration. Participants align themselves into teams and work on a common theme to culminate the written script into a movie worthy of acclaim. They are given full liberty to choose their locations, equipment and actors according to their own distinct taste and style. No limitations are imposed and the teams are allowed to give full vent to their aesthetic sense and produce a picture that becomes the epitome of art. Moreover, the teams are also responsible to take care of post-production concerns including editing and audio in the fold.

Since 2016, a two day on-ground festival in Mumbai has also been added to the event. This festival is primarily preoccupied with the various facets of creation across films, digital, literature and music and is also marked by interesting conversations, workshops and performances. India Film Project sees hordes of content enthusiasts attending the festival every year, making it one big shrine for all creators to corral in religiously.

Originally the vision of Ritam Bhatnagar, IFP was started seven years ago as the Ahmedabad Film Project that was essentially a competition designed to encourage local talents and budding filmmakers. It was only in 2013 that it was renamed and started to admit entrants from other countries a year later. It is notable that during the sixth edition of India Film Project in 2016, the event saw extensive enthusiasm and participation from over 260 cities and 20 countries.

IFP has had seven seasons so far since it’s inception seven years ago. Last year in 2017, the festival was organised with great pomp and success at Nehru Centre in Mumbai on September 30 and October 1. A whopping participation of 29,000 filmmakers from 18 countries was witnessed in the 50-hour challenge. This created a massive result of 1,503 films, each of which was 4 to 6 minutes long and based on the theme, ‘ Everything is connected.’ The jury for the seventh edition of the festival was formed by the illustrious combination of Ram Madhvani, Anirudh Roy Chowdhury and Vipul Amrutllal Shah. The results of the same were as follows:

2017 – 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge2 017 – 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge



Platinum Film of the Year – Professional Parallax
Gold Film of the Year – Professional Faulen
Silver Film of the Year – Professional Ranga Deva
Bronze Film of the Year – Professional Dispatched
Best Film #5 – Professional The Audition
Platinum Film of the Year -Amateur Karma
Gold Film of the Year -Amateur Memento Mori
Silver Film of the year  – Amateur Life Line
Bronze Film of the year  – Amateur For the joy of it

For 2018, the filmmaking hours have been set from September 28 to 30 whereas the festival will start with great gusto for two days on October 13 and 14 in the commercial capital of Mumbai. IFP has an official website, which is in full operation and provides all the requisite information regarding the popular festival. For further information, refer the link.

Evidently, India film Project is a world-famous affair, drawing other countries to transcend the border and gather every year in the commercial capital to compete in ultimate search of cinematic finesse and aesthetic refinement. The frenzy is of no small magnitude and so is the ultimate result.

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