Official Mathematics Club Of K.J Somaiya College Of Engineering – Emfinity


College Life. A once in a lifetime experience which unfortunately very few, fortuitous ones get to intimate with.  But as they say-‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Its prudent enough to set forth the fact that college life is extraordinarily dull without our exuberant participation in a council or an event. Since I firm believer of that quote myself and in order to explore my interests in the subject of Mathematics, I decided to join Emfinity, which is the official Mathematics club of K.J Somaiya College Of Engineering. Let’s just say, I finally managed to find the real value of my X in Emfinity. Oops! Sorry for the lame Math joke right there. Now, before I perforate your brains with my horde of math-related puns and jokes, let’s just dive straight into the history, positions offered and events at Emfinity.

EMFITY – Mathematics Club of K.J Somaiya College Of Engineering

1. History Of Emfinity at K.J. Somaiya College Of Engineering

Emfinity was first founded by Mr. Kshitij Shah, a recent alumnus of KJSCE and an inquisitive math whizkid. Mr. Shah’s love towards the subject was such that he even squabbled with his parents into convincing them to allow him to pursue a Bachelors Of Science in Mathematics. His parents acceded to his thoughts, but there was a catch.  Since they were intent on their son becoming an engineer, they struck up a deal with him that basically sanctioned him a license to pursue his dream course in his favourite subject if and only if he agreed to complete his engineering alongside.  As pesky as the deal sounded, it was still a golden opportunity for Mr. Kshitij that he could never let go of. Needless to say, he settled into the demands and started working relentlessly towards balancing both his courses and explore the more unconventional and complex branches of Mathematics. With a vision to propagate the importance of Mathematics and develop love towards the subject, Mr. Kshitij finally founded ‘Emfinity’ with a cool new logo on it to add to the value of the club. Even though its only been a couple of years since Emfinity’s inception,  the club has already won everyone’s hearts at KJSCE and alike!

2. Current Positions Offered at Emfinity

General Secretary

The main head of Emfinity who oversees every meticulous detail of the club. Getting the post of General Secretary is no piece of cake, as a GSec is expected to have superlative knowledge of Mathematics along with proper decision-making capabilities. Talks are on to introduce the role of Joint General Secretary as well in order to provide a helping hand to the GSec with the decisions.

Public Relations Team

The job of the public relations (PR )team is to publicize the club as well as its associated events in every way possible. Any event is regarded as a total failure if it is devoid of any participants. Hence, it becomes a challenging task for the PR team to appeal to the masses and ensure as much participation as possible.

Event Team

As the name suggests, the job of the event team is to corroborate the smooth conduction of an event. It’s their task to procure permission from the concerned authorities to conduct an event. Apart from that, they need to anchor the events and also make sure that the entire event turns out to be a comfortable and enjoyable affair for all its participants.

Creative Team

Creating alluring and eye-pleasing posters and brainstorming with ideas that culminate in the entire flow of an event are the domains in which the creative team lend their hands.

Social Media Team

Handling the social media pages of Emfinity and posting intriguing items to the page in order to expand the club’s visibility outside is the main task of the social media team.

Technical Team

The brains of the club. Coming up with brain-wracking and riveting questionnaire right under the sun is the realm of expertise of the technical team.


Diligent handling of the accounts and transactions is the job of the treasurer at Emfinity.

3. A detailed list of various events conducted by the society:-

Treasure Hunt

With a huge campus of around 64 acres surrounding KJSCE, can you guess a better way to utilize this space than just roam around or play hide and seek? And the answer is yes, of course, and that too with a fun and assertive little game called Treasure hunt! This event is organized by Emfinity right after the first year students become official entrants to the college. The primary aim of this event is to let the first year students experience the atmosphere of the gigantic campus and of course to let them know of the various spots and niches in and around the campus. The participants have to solve certain clues based on mathematics, the solution of which would serve as the particular spot wherein the candidates are supposed to reach. There, they would be provided with the next set of clues and at the end, the one who reaches the final spot first is declared as the winner. With positive participation from the crowd and of course, a tempting cash award worth a 1000 bucks or more, this starter-pack event has served as the perfect trailer for the club before its big picture reveal, thereby boosting the club’s name expeditiously!

Castle Maths

‘Castle Maths’ is another hugely successful event conducted by Emfinity that operates during KJSCE’s technical festival-Abhiyantriki. The theme for this event differs every year. Before preluding to its detailed reveal, let me just brief you about the aspect of this event- True to its name, Castle Maths is a fun little event conducted in a game-like format. So, last year the contestants(in a team of two) had to face three rounds of events. In the first round, the participants had to solve a math question the solution to which would be a single-digit number. Then one of the partners would take hold of that many numbers of balls and throw it back towards the other contestant who would have to catch it using a box. To proceed to the second round, the team was required to solve the question pertaining to the first round. The second round was a simple bowling alley, wherein the number of bottles(that go down) would be taken into account for the sake of calculating the scores. In the third and final round, the participants had to solve a rullo-equivalent board game under a time constraint of two minutes. The participants who cruise through all these rounds with the highest score and minimum utilization of time finally win this hunger-game of Castle Maths!

Maths Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests have become the eye-candy of every big industrial company and competitive exam out there.  Discerning the need for this, the club decided to organize a full-fledged, GRE equivalent aptitude test for the first time ever, so that every person out there could get the feel of an actual aptitude exam. With tenacious questions enough to accord you with sleepless nights, needless to say, this event added another feather to the club’s cap and has actually become one of the most talked about events at KJSCE!

 A Game of Maths

The season finale of Emfinity. The biggest ever event of the club, ‘Game Of Maths’ is conducted during the even semesters and is open to students from any college. The event is conducted in two phases. In the first phase, the students have to clear a JEE equivalent(or even tougher) paper in a team of two. Only the gutsy and spirited ones manage to make it to the second round.

The second round consists of a concoction of various Math-related type branches such as Mental Maths, form a number and more. With the theme for this year being ‘Retro Cartoons’, the finalists had to solve a question each which were embedded into this theme. The anxiety and tense conditions add to the nail-biting and deserved win of the brave-hearts(who by the way manage to take home some lucrative amount of money). With the tenacity of the finale equivalent to that in A Game of Thrones, ‘A Game Of Maths’ is the most impeccable conclusion to Emfinity’s eventful year.

So, what did I finally learn by working at Emfinity? Well. I learnt how to involve and evolve myself as a person. I got the opportunity to brainstorm, be creative and come up with my own ideas. I learnt the importance of leadership and team-work. At the same time, I got to experience the perception of other people and also had the privilege of working with some of the best minds in Mathematics. In nutshell, my experience of working for Emfinity was wonderful ! Let me just conclude the article by drinking a toast to the club- Too many more years of calculus and coordinate geometry, and of course the success-the probability of which is irrefutable one, of Emfinity!

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