5 clubs at NIT Raipur every aspirant should be aware of


NIT Raipur is one of the finest colleges across central India region and ranks among the top 100 colleges the nation has to offer for the engineering aspirants. The college has witnessed a massive upward surge in the areas of admission, quality of education, placement scenarios, not to forget in providing opportunities for growth and development,  since being termed as an institute of national importance. One of the factors which have contributed significantly towards building the overall personality of the students is the presence of highly engaging student committees in the form of clubs and societies. The clubs and societies at NIT Raipur have been regarded by many as the core reason behind the student’s exemplary performances in their domain of interest. In case you weren’t aware of all these, don’t worry, though this article you’d get to know about all the major clubs and societies which are housed at  NIT Raipur.

5 clubs at NIT Raipur every aspirant should be aware of!

1. Interact Club

Founded in 2016, the club is a heaven for the quiz enthusiasts and is regarded as one of the best committees across the whole of NIT Raipur. They are active participants of the inter NIT club competition and have hosted numerous quizzing battles within the college campus. Not only at the inter NIT level, but the members have won numerous quizzing competitions held across different parts of the nation, with CG State Level quiz and Tata crucible national quiz to name a few.

The club also enjoys a massive following on social media channels as well, with over 6,000 followers on their Facebook page who get notified prior to the conduction of any event. In fact, they’ve even worked with the societies of deemed institutes like Hidayatullah National Law University (HNLU) and IIM- Raipur to reach out to the masses regarding their club and activities.

2. Abhinay

Abhinay is the dramatics society at NIT Raipur whose objective is to make people aware of the drama culture and the nuances involved in it. Through their activities, the club has assisted many students in regaining their lost confidence by providing them with a platform work to skills and abilities.

The dramatics club has a huge following within the college grounds. Their participation across the events conducted at IITs, NITs, and other institutes have made the hot favourites among the students of NIT Raipur.

3. Literary Club

The club was founded with the objective to improve the literary standards of students. It also intends to showcase the hidden talents and abilities of the students through conduction of various literary events at regular intervals. The club is also responsible for publishing a magazine under the name Shilpi which covers the entire news happening across the campus in a year’s duration. It is something that has been liked by both faculties and students owing to its simplicity in language ( Hindi and English) along with the required amount of crispness in their content.

4. Dance Club

Founded in 2016, the club aims to level up the standard of dance forms prevailing in the college premises. The dance club provides a platform for the newcomers to showcase their talent in front of the public, and also helps significantly in contributing to one’s personality and character.

The club’s intent is to help students ooze out the pressure by dancing their heart out the mind-boggling tunes. Perhaps, a perfect remedy to fend off the pent u frustrations.

5. Go Green Club

The club aims to make students aware of the responsibilities they hold towards making this environment a greener place to live in. Through regular sessions and discussions, the members educate the students about the pros of a greener environment, along with the measures one should adopt to ensure the same.

I suppose after going through the list of clubs and societies at NIT Raipur you would have realized how instrumental they have been in moulding the overall personality of the students. Their actions have helped many students in shedding off their fears and inhibitions, only to develop a sense of greater responsibility and confidence. So, if you happen to get NIT Raipur following the counselling procedures, then be rest assured, you’ve arrived at just the right place.