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Being a doctor has always been among the top childhood dreams. We as young toddlers always fascinate about saving someone life and to be treated as saviour/hero. As we grow up, we start investing in our childhood dream, bit by bit creating the foundation to become a doctor. We advance on the journey day by day passing milestones, but the real milestone comes when we reach 10th class, that is an intermediate school. Where we chose and practice science stream and from there onwards, prepare ourselves for the competitive medical exam. Earlier when I was school selection in AIIMS (All Indian Institute of Medical Science) was through AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical Test), this exam not only provides admissions in AIIMS but other reputed colleges as well. Institutions like AFMC, BHU etc had their own medical exam earlier but now they all select applicants via NEET Exam. Which also make it easy, as now there is only 1 exam to focus upon and in this article, we would try to make you understand the plan for Neet Exam preparation.

How to Prepare for NEET Medical Entrance Exam

Through this article, we’ll try to help you out with Neet Exam preparation and would let you know how to prepare for Neet 2018 Exam. There are few points that one need to keep in their mind while preparing for Neet 2018 Entrance Exam.

  • Time Managment.
  • Prepare a Study Plan.
  • Know the Exam Pattern/Syllabus.
  • Solve Previous Year Papers.
  • Take Time based Mock Test.
  • Managing Distraction.
  • Playing 1 Outdoor Game.
  • Before you Sleep.

Let’s Do it!

Time Managment

Time Managment is one of the most important foundations for Neet Exam preparation. You may have whole time in the world or just 1 year. Until you are not managing your time, you would end up wasting it eventually. Especially for the competitive exam preparing time is the key to success. Also by Managing the time right, you can take time for your family and friends and other important stuff.

Always remember sitting with books for 10 hours and actually studying for 10 hours are two different things. If you want to actually study and prepare, you need to focus. And that is something possible only when you are done with everything you want to do. So that you won’t get distracted, by thinking about it when you are studying. However, Time Management is not a rocket science, it is about following certain rules and Voila! You have time for everything.

Here are the few tips to manage time:

  1. Make Plan: Try to make this habit that every morning when you wake up, you make a schedule for your day in your head or write it down. You can choose topics, chapters or subjects that you will cover in that day, in short, make a Neet preparation timetable. This way you can keep a tab on your progress and speed up accordingly (if required). Follow this habit, and you would see you are wasting less time and covering most of your syllabus.
  2. Do Not Procrastinate: This is is the most common trade in students, that they procrastinate. Even I was pursuing my engineering, I use to delay my studies, which use to lead me to a huge syllabus to covered in less time. But then thanks to 1 of my professor who told me the story of procrastination. The story is of 2 pilots in our brain, 1 is Rational Decision maker (the one take care of our dreams, passion and ambition) and other is  Instant gratification monkey (wants only instant fun). See the whole story here
    Inside our brain

Prepare A Study Plan

Once you start this habit of noting down important task for the day, then its time to focus on another important task. As mentioned earlier in this article, having a plan for Neet Exam Preparation. Making a NEET study plan would help you to plan your Neet Syllabus. Here are few steps, that would help you to for same.

  1. Dividing Syllabus: Dividing all subjects and NEET syllabus in monthly, weekly or daily basis, depending upon the availability of the time. This is the easiest approach to covering up the syllabus in a specific span of time. If possible try to study all 3 subjects in every day or cover 1 subject before other. There are numerous approaches for same. Students can choose or make there milestones in accordance with their capabilities.
  2. Cover Important Topic first: It is an unspoken rule that those topics which you believe are important needs to study first. Referring Neet preparative books look for the important chapters for neet exam and covering them first. This way you would satisfy that you have covered the important topics and can proceed with remaining syllabus with a little ease.
  3. Enough Sleeping: Sleeping while studying is a big distraction. If you feel sleepy while studying then it takes more than usual time to cover 1 topic that you could have cover is less time when you are fresh.One of my friend who was preparing for AIPMT 2015 has a very different sleeping routine than usual, but he always so fresh that he grasp things fast. He sleeps in 3 windows in 24 hours and manages rest of the time in studying and doing other works.
    1. 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM – 1st Sleeping window.
    2. 10:00 PM to 12:30 AM – 2nd Sleeping window.
    3. 04:00 AM to 07:00 AM – 3rd Sleeping window.
  4. Set Priorities: While you are preparing for Neet Exam, it is important to prioritise the tasks you do. Don’t skip classes or seminars, do not skip lunch/dinner and most important devote your maximum time for Neet Exam preparation.

Know Neet Exam Pattern and Syllabus

To excel in your Neet exam preparation and secure a counselling in a decent Neet college for the undergraduate program, you need to score well in all the 3 subjects. Hence you need to understand the Neet Exam Syllabus and Neet exam pattern. Though the syllabus remains same with minor changes, yet is advisable to go through the whole syllabus. We believe it is understood that all the important topics need to do first, but there are certain topics that are short and easy to do. Which you can finish in less time, it is advisable that you take on these topics along with important long topics. For example whole “Cell: function and structure” can be the club with “Electrostatic”. There are many such combination students can try to keep up the speed in covering the syllabus. However, it is upto the student capability.

For detailed marks distribution. And neet biology weightage, chemistry weightage and physics weightage, and neet important chapters in biology, physics and chemistry, please refer the related article

Solve Previous Year Neet Exam Paper

As mentioned earlier, while preparing for any competitive exams, it is important for the applicant to understand the exam pattern and type of question asked in that exam. Previous years papers one such solution that helps you to understand neet exam pattern. Like Neet 2017 question paper is based on latest syllabus and pattern, the applicant can get useful insight by analysing previous year papers. I have read in a neet topper interview, that how he has prepared via previous year papers.

“I remember a senior in school who was preparing for NEET 2016, gave me a logical approach for the previous year papers. He told me that there are numerous applicants who have given the NEET Exam, Aipmt Exams and many more.  Every year, syllabus change but the question remains same and are limited. There is a very good chance that you see a similar question in the exam, that has been asked before. And Just in case, if you don’t get any such question, that previous year paper serves the purpose of NEET Practice paper”

Which seems pretty accurate to me and hence, I am presenting you a collection of <NEET Previous year papers>. You can thank me for that.

Take Time Based Mock Test

In the NEET Exam preparation, you may refer the best books, the best study material but until and unless you don’t test your skills it cannot be taken for granted. After all once a wise man said: “Practice makes a man perfect“. Hence taking neet mocks and practice paper for neet are important to score well in NEET Exam. Especially time-based mocks, these time-based test and serve the sole purpose of time-based judgment. As in exam, the time is limited hence being a fast and accurate at the same time is important. Also, while taking such mocks our brain stimulate the exam like situation and prepare the applicant for the “D-day”.

However, while time-based mocks for neet it is important to consider and practicing both easy and hard question. Because if you keep practising tough questions your mindset would change and you over analyse even a simple question and end up wasting time. And if you keep practising simple questions, you won’t be able to take on tough questions.

We suggest, you register your self for the all India level mocks paper, that will give you a clear idea about your preparation. Also, you can refer NEET sample paper with solution.

Managing Distraction

It is easy to get distracted while preparing for Neet Exam. Social networks are booming these days, and thanks to the cheap internet, it is available for everyone. Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Twitter, Wechat are some of the social platforms where you can get connected to friends and family with a single click. Youngster tends to spend most of there time on these platforms. Which tends to make them habitual of checking social platform frequently. For instance, while we are studying and we hear that WhatsApp message tone on our phone, we could not resist to check it again, again and cycle repeat. The situation these of applicant who cannot study because of phone
My tragic story while studying

To overcome that I would recommend you to avoid them. And thanks to the technology nowadays, we have those applications that can help the user to control their habits of checking on social media. Apps like Focus lock, Keep me out, App block and Social Fixer for computer etc. You can check out more such apps here.

Playing 1 Outdoor Game

Earlier playing was considered to be a distraction from study. A very famous saying was like “Kheloge kudoge banoge kharab, padhoge likhoge banoge nawab“. Which translate as if you study well you will have the luxury, if you play all time, you shall be bad.

However, a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. And nothing beat the stress as good as an outdoor sport. Studying for the whole day and playing/enjoying an evening game would fill your heart with joy and refresh your mind. Tenis, basketball, cricket and many such sports can be played. And a good game is better than spending time on social media anyways. So it is equally important to play in your course of Neet Exam preparation.

Before You Sleep

Retroscope your day. Before going to sleep lay down on the bed, close your eyes, relax and think what all you have done today for your Neet Exam preparation. Ask your self these questions:

  • Where you have spent most of your time.
  • Where you have wasted your time.
  • What you did that made you happy.
  • What are the things you would be doing tomorrow?

Clearing NEET Exam would not be easy, there will be the whole set of rules and practice that you have to follow. There will be loads of efforts that you have to put, but at the end of the day being called as a saviour of life worth every effort that you made. The feeling of saving someone’s life is important.

Yes!! Get started! Do it what is right and chase your dream!!

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