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NEET Chemistry Books – It is an important decision for any aspirant to chose the best book from the market of books around. The aspirant aiming for clearing NEET 2019 should practice question and solve maximum problems for NEET Chemistry Preparation.

The candidate should have knowledge of the exam pattern, syllabus and the books for preparing the same. The medical entrance holds importance for chemistry subject and is important to crack the exam.

In this article, we reflect on the tricky part of NEET 2019 and discuss the NEET Chemistry books 2019.

Chemistry in NEET 2019

Chemistry is an important subject for NEET 2019. The questions of chemistry are precise and tricky. The subject holds an important position in All India Entrance Exam NEET for it comprises questions which are confusing and leads to negative marks. The NEET 2019 will have 45 questions from Chemistry topics, the correct response in NEET 2019 will lead to +4 and incorrect with -1.

NEET Chemistry Syllabus 2019

Chemistry Syllabus 2019

Class 12

Solid State

Class 11

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry


Structure of Atom

Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties

Chemical Kinetics

Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure

Surface Chemistry

States of Matter: Gases and Liquids

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements


P,d and f block elements

Coordination Compounds

Redox Reactions

Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers

S and p Block Elements
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

Organic Chemistry- Basic Principles & Techniques

Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen


Environmental Chemistry


Chemistry in Everyday life

Detailed NEET Syllabus

The Chemistry Books for NEET 2019

The three main sections of chemistry are physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. NCERT textbook for chemistry should be given preference. Physical chemistry comprises numerical and requires practice. To practice numerical problems, and understanding the three sections easily the applicant can look at the recommended Best NEET Chemistry books.

NEET Chemistry Books – Recommendations

The coaching institutes and previous years toppers of NEET suggest that NCERT is good for concept clearing. The aspirants need other books for preparation comprising MCQ’s, Problems with solutions, Important topics & explanations etc. The Chemistry Books for NEET have to be studied section wise the organic, Inorganic and physical chemistry. Here, is the list of some best Chemsitry books for NEET available in the market.

Chemistry Book Name Brief Information Link
Chemical Bonding For JEE Main and Advanced NEET –Disha Publications The books are designed with logical & visualization approach with easy language and large no. of MCQ’s with solved examples. Buy
Objective NCERT at your Fingertips- Chemistry, MTG learning This book gives chapter wise and simple synopsis of every important concept with a lot of MCQ’s which are entrance exam friendly. Buy
Wiley’s J. D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for NEET and other Medical Entrance Examinations, 2ed This version provides a concise treatment of the subject (NEET syllabus requirements). The explanation of fundamental concepts is simply offering a right blend of theory and applications. Buy
Concise Inorganic Chemistry: Fifth Edition by J.D. Lee The book ideally deals with inorganic chemistry and its concepts in a precise manner. It is good for understanding Inorganic chemistry and prepare for various entrance exams. Buy
Modern’s ABC of Objective Chemistry Part I & Part II(NEET) This book is ideal for NEET prep, the book is designed especially for entrance exam purpose. Buy

More Chemistry Books for NEET

  • Practice book by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic)
  • MS Chauhan (Organic)
  • N Awasthi- Balaji Publications (Physical)
  • Objective Chemistry for AIIMS/ AIPMT- MTG Learning Editorial
  • Morrison’s Organic Chemistry
  • Numerical Chemistry- R C Mukherjee
  • Aakash/Allen preparation material for NEET is good.

The article comprises the best NEET books and the online links.