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Adjectives are one of the most important topics in the NCERT English Grammar Syllabus for Class 6. If you are looking for scoring good marks in English grammar then you must have a clear idea about adjectives. You need to get your concepts right and at the same time, you need to practice the questions. In this post, we would take a look at NCERT English for Class 6 and we would focus on the topic of adjectives.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 English – Adjectives -Free PDF Download

NCERT English for Class 6 – Understanding Adjectives

In English grammar, an adjective is defined as a word that is used to describe or modify a noun or a pronoun. You can use adjectives to usually answer questions like which onewhat kind, or how many.

Now, adjectives could be classified into the following categories:

Descriptive adjectives: Adjectives that describe things. For example – hilarious, beautiful etc.

Demonstrative adjectives: Adjectives that answer questions like which one? For example – This food is delicious.

Possessive Adjectives: Adjectives that answer questions like whose? For example – My book is a bestseller.

Indefinite Adjectives: Adjectives that describe a number but not definitely.  For example – Few students came to class.

Type of Expected Questions

There are many different questions that might come in the exam. In one type of questions, you would have to identify the adjectives in the sentences.  You can also get ‘Fill in the blanks’ questions which would ask you to fill in the right adjectives in the blanks.

NCERT English for Class 6 – Solutions for Adjectives

Given below is the link to the solutions to some of the model questions asked in the exam. You can click on the link to access or download our solutions for adjectives for NCERT English for Class 6.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 English – Adjectives -Free PDF Download

These were our solutions for NCERT English for Class 6 for adjectives. This article is a must-have for practicing NCERT English for Class 6, especially for adjectives. We have similar solutions for other topics as well. Keep browsing Topprnotes and score higher in 6standard English.