Myths related to all girls college – Misconceptions regarding all girls college


College is an institution which gives education and helps in our personal development. This is a very obvious definition, but we define college differently in our everyday life. For us, a college is a place where we make friends, we hang out with them and have lots of fun. This is what an ideal image of college is for most of the students and thanks to Bollywood for filling our minds with so many misconceptions about our educational Institutes, especially about all-girls college.

Girls college – Two types of people

  • The girls and others who think that all girls Institutions are boring.
  • And secondly, mainly boys who think that you will find lots of hot girls in the college who are either feminists or the one who gossips for the whole day.

But today I will tell you about girls in college and bust some myths related to girls college.

Boring? Not really!

I believe that it depends on you. I am from a girls college and I have seen girls who are laughing all the time, have a large group of friends, seems like they are enjoying a lot so it is not boring for them.

But on the other hand, you will also find girls who are unable to make friends, roaming alone and finding it difficult to pass their time. You will find these two kinds of people in almost all the Institutions for girls college is not something different.

Moreover, we too have different societies, clubs and other facilities just like a co-ed college. So, the college cannot be boring because it has only girls studying in it, the fact is, you need to adjust.

Alia Bhatt type girls everywhere? NO!

You will find all kind of girls. In a girls college, you will find someone who is dressed just like an actress from a Bollywood movie and also someone who is wearing pajamas and not caring about what others think. On one hand, there are studious girls who are always found in the library and on the other hand girls who barely manage 40% of attendance. Same like a co-ed college? Yes, same!

All the girls busy on their phone?

Myths related to all girls college - Misconceptions regarding all girls college

I will say yes to that. Of course not all the girls, but most of the girls. You can always find them taking selfies are doing something with their mobile phones. But if you think that they all have a boyfriend and with whom the girls are always busy chatting, then you are wrong. Some of us are single forever. 

Makeup and gossip fans? No!

Makeup and gossip fans - Myths related to all girls college - Misconceptions regarding all girls college

Many girls love to do makeup and there is nothing wrong with it. Everybody wants to look beautiful, isn’t it? But no, we all are not a fan of a makeover, in fact, most of us do not even care about how we look. And gossip, we girls talk a lot but not more than boys. We discuss studies, politics, sports, Bollywood, and everything. So if you think that our gossips unlimited to daily soaps then you are wrong. 

Life in a girls colleges is fun and a different experience. But I agree that girls who come from a co-ed school find it difficult to adjust with so many girls but eventually it will be okay and you will be able to find your best friends for life here.

These were among the many myths attached to girls college. If you want to share any other myth or your experience, tell us in the comment box.