Must-read books for every student looking for inspiration


Books are said to be the best teachers in one’s life. They provide us with knowledge and they are also our safety nets. Books are our best comrades who heal lonely minds and give us company that is nothing but joy. The way books weave their magic into our minds is not-effable. For a reader, it is difficult to choose favorites similar to how a parent cannot choose a favorite child. These are a few of the books that have taught me that books are beyond just stories; they impart life lessons to us and are a must-read book for every student looking for inspiration.

Books are a uniquely portable magic.- Stephen King

Must-read books for every student looking for inspiration


Harry Potter- Must-read books for every student looking for inspiration

As far as I can remember this was the first book I read and this was the one that paved a way for my passion for English. Harry Potter has opened up entirely a new realm that was impossible for me until I read the book. This book apart from all the glitter and glamour of magic and adventure has a subtle layer of teachings for our muggle world. Harry Potter, an orphaned young boy who thought his life was only restricted to the room under the stairs was majorly surprised when he found out he was a Wizard. Life, how much ever difficult it might seem, it gives us the strength to be prepared for the next best thing. I would like to quote Professor Dumbledore “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of places, if only one remembers to switch on the light.” I just love how the book emphasizes education as well as cultural activities.

Hermione, Harry’s friend showed us the beauty of loving books. Ronald, Harry’s other friend was the first one to show him that you could be brothers even without any blood relation. His family also welcomed Harry as theirs. It teaches us the importance of lifelong friendships.“Of course, it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?”- Albus Dumbledore


My heart and other black holes- Must-read books for every student looking for inspiration

The protagonist in this story is a depressive. A shadow of her father keeps haunting her life. She works at a call center while going to school and is a physics fanatic. She comes across a website that helps to find partners to kill themselves. Aysel finds her partner, Roman. He is also a depressive who bears the weight of something grave. They meet; slowly start trusting each other enough to let the other know their past while little by little they fall for each other. Then they plot their own death. Whether they kill themselves or not is something that needs to be found out by reading the book.

The characters are very well written; imperfectly broken in an imperfect world. This book deals with experiencing love also creates an awareness of how dark a depressive’s mind can be. The end of the book is not some fairytale ending where everyone lives happily ever after. It is realistic enough to find hope that darkness can be fought even though things might be ugly.

I like other people’s words. They fill me up. ― Jasmine Warga,


Fangirl- Must-read books for every student looking for inspiration

This story is about a called Liesel and her life. The story about our protagonist is narrated by Death which I found uniquely engrossing. Liesel a daughter of a communist is given up to adoption to a couple. She learns to accept the fact that she has to live with these two strangers.

In school, she is made fun of because she cannot read. Her foster father warms up to her making her feel comfortable and he starts to teach her to read even though he is poor at it. She begins to adore her foster father. She makes a friend Rudy. While helping her foster mother in the chores, she visits the house of the Governor, whose wife despite being cold sees her passion for words and allows Liesel to read books.

This story takes place at a time when Germany oppressed and murdered Jews. Then an unexpected visitor, Max, a Jew shows up at Liesel’s house. What will they do? Read to find out

This story beautifully portrays the life of a young child at the time of war. The bond between Liesel and her foster father is very heartwarming. Liesel’s love for words and her thirst for knowledge is very profound. Even though her heart is bruised, the friendship with Rudy has developed very beautifully.

I always marvel at the humans’ ability to keep going. They always manage to stagger on even with tears streaming down their faces. – Death, The book thief


Fangirl- Must-read books for every student looking for inspiration

This is coming of age novel that deals with the lives of twin sisters Cath and Wren. Two of them have stark differences in their personalities. While Wren is extrovert loves going to parties, hanging out with friends, Cath is an introvert – cuddled up with her anxiety and loves to write. She deals with her anxiety while writing fan fiction for a novel. They both enter the college phase of their lives. Wren is excitedly looking forward to it, Cath is dreading it. Wren wants to separate her life for the time being and move away from her twin, wanting to be more independent and the other one is struggling to make sense of her life without her twin beside her.

As compared to the ones above, it is a light-hearted story. It depicts how anxiety in life can numb one’s sense and restrict their growth. The bond between the sisters is tested. Both of them try to deal with the people they meet and also they try to deal with their mother’s absence and their father’s eccentric behavior. I love the way the story emphasizes the mental illness aspect creating awareness to it.

Few other books that I have enjoyed are “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo, “The Clocks” by Agatha Christie, “The Kane Chronicles” by Rick Riordan, “Love, and Rosie” by Cecelia Ahern and the list will go on endlessly. These books are a must-read for every student looking for inspiration.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who has never read lives only one – George R.R. Martin