Must learn skills for students after 12th class board examinations are over


The exams of class 12 and even the entrances for college admissions bring a lot of stress into the minds of students. But once these exams are over, you are a bit relaxed not completely though as the results are yet to be declared followed by college counseling procedures. Now, there comes a duration of two-three months between the ending days of school life and the beginning of the most adventurous and challenging life viz. the college life. Those three months are tough times as you will be waiting for your results as well as for counseling results of your dream colleges too with finger crossed all the time, but brings an excellent opportunity to learn new things which will be useful for them during their upcoming times. Sitting ideal praying for your dream college will be totally a wastage of time as this is not going to make your result better or improve your chances. So, utilizing this precious time to the fullest would prove to be beneficial to you. So, here are must learn skills for students after class 12 board examinations.

Must learn skills for students after class 12th boards


Driving is very important nowadays. Learning to drive in these months would help you throughout your life. You can learn driving a car/scooter/motorcycle these months very easily. But if you are planning to do it afterward, let me tell you that this is a perfect time as in future, you might not get even this much time as during your college days you will be utilizing even your summer/winter breaks for getting skill training/internships. So, this is going to be a perfect time for you to learn how to drive the vehicle of your choice. However, please note that you should be of the legal age of driving which is 18 years in India. Also, you need a learners license to learn how to drive. So, please keep the safety instructions in your mind.


Swimming is one of the most basic activities in life. Every person must learn swimming. Swimming helps you overcome the fear of water and lets you enjoy during pool parties/gatherings etc. Avoiding swimming this time might not bring another opportunity to learn in the future. Also, you might have to miss your exciting and mind-blowing college/business trips to beaches where students enjoy a plenty of time in pools, beach-side etc.

Upgrading skills in Co-Curricular Activities

These months even bring the chance to upgrade your skills in co-curricular activities like dance, sports, music, dramatics etc. In colleges, only entering the classrooms and studying all the time would not get you a job or bring opportunities into your life. The workshops or the learning sessions would prove to be very helpful to you if you want to be a part of college teams which would be really beneficial to you.

Editing skills

If you are planning to make a career in sound editing, movie making, photography fields, filmmaking, mass media then learning video/photo editing is mandatory for you. You can even learn AutoCAD(Computer Aided Drawing) in case you want a career in architecture.

Computer-related skills

If you are planning to do engineering(with streams like CSE/IT/ECE) or any computer related course like Bsc.(Computer Science), MCA etc. where programming skills are a necessity then you should definitely go for workshops related to programming courses, web development, data handling etc.

Develop your Personality

We all that the outside world is very much competitive. Scoring well in exams and getting good and decent CGPA in college is not at all enough. Therefore, you must learn personality development skills if you are not comfortable while addressing a group or talking to people accessing you. You can learn such qualities either through the internet or through many institutes.

There is a never-ending list of things which you can learn during these months, but these are the most recommended things which would help you in your upcoming life. If you miss these months, then you might not find such a suitable time again. So, now is the time to start the thing which you are willing to. Thinking about the results and college admissions which are going to take place later is completely a waste of time. The result will be completely the result of your hard work and dedication which you have shown during your preparations and exam time as well. So, believe in yourself and avoid thinking of results now. Now is the time to gain some skills for your future time.