Museums in India everyone should visit at least once | Best Museums of India to visit


Are you a little bit extra curious towards the rare collections than the ones around you? If yes, then you may want to treat that feeling, well you can easily do so with a visit to a nearby museum. Museums provide you interesting information with a visual that helps you boost your knowledge well. So, here we are presenting a list of museums in India that are offbeat yet they will never fail to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Museums in India everyone should visit

1. INS Kursura Submarine Museum

INS Kursura Submarince Museum - Museums in India everyone should visit at least once

Ever wished to look inside a submarine? Well if your answer is yes then you must visit the INS Kursura Submarine Museum located in Vishakhapatnam. With real-life installations of installations inside a submarine, including articles used by the crew, it offers a fitting slice of things that lay inside one of the most eye-catching vessels of modern warfare.

2. Fossil Park Museum

Fossil Park Museums - Museums in India everyone should visit at least once

A visit to the Fossil Park Museum in Simaur, Himachal Pradesh is a splendid throwback to the fossils of the various species that once existed on Earth. These include divergent creatures such as hippopotamuses, crocodiles, tortoises and many other animals. This could be a perfect dose of history and zoology for lovers of wildlife and living science.

3. Paldi Kite Museum

Paldi Kite Museums - Museums in India everyone should visit at least once

Located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one of the most fascinating museums of India, dedicated extensively to the varied and attractive colors, designs and installations of kites. While at the outset, a museum dedicated merely to kites might seem a bit confusing, it is still an eye-pleasing sight to behold. Interestingly, the entry to the museum is free and open to all and particularly for artists, painters and others associated in creative realms.

4. Human Brain Museum

Human brain museums - Museums in India everyone should visit at least once

The greatest mystery and yet the most appealing aspect of life is the human brain. This unique museum, a brainchild of Dr. S.K. Shankar, was established to appraise people’s awareness about the human brain. In fact, the brain museum has around 300 brain samples that have been collected over a period of 3 decades.

5.   Arna Jharna Desert Museum

Arna Jharna Dessert Museums - Museums in India everyone should visit at least once

If one were to search for a paradise in the middle of barrenness and some intoxicating beauty in the middle of the desert, then it could go no further than Rajasthan. The Arna Jharna Desert museum located in the state showcases some interesting household articles used by rural communities in the bygone era.

6.   Baywatch Wax Museum

Baywatch Wax Museums - Museums in India everyone should visit at least once

The Baywatch Wax Museum has some huge draws in the form of leading figures from India’s political landscape and those from the specter of armed forces. There are also a number of exhibits based on the life of internationally renowned personalities. Located in Kanyakumari, the entry fee of the museum is priced at economical rates to attract maximum visitors.

7. International Doll Museum

International Doll Museums - Museums in India everyone should visit at least once

8. Red Carpet Wax Museum

Red Carpet Museum Mumbai - Best Museums in India

As the name suggests, Red Carpet Wax Museum in Rcity mall, Mumbai is popular for travelers and red carpet enthusiasts who want to take selfies with personalities like Harry Potter, Obama, Mr. Bean. Every statue of Celebrities in Red Carpet Wax Museum is surrounded by its own ambience which gives a life time experience to the visitors.

In the heart of the national capital rests a popular museum dedicated exclusively to dolls; perhaps an unavoidable part of amusement for children in their growing up age. A respected work of political cartoonist, K. Shankar Pillai, the doll museum pays homage to the beautiful customs and costumes of the world.

Excited? Then why not pay a visit to these museums at least once and experience the vivacity yourself. Museums are now considered outdated and a thing of a past, but these are known places where one can learn a lot about the world.