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Mumbai Music Institute is all out to produce mellifluous notes. It stands stuffed in the center of the Music Industry and peddles a number of courses for students to choose and gain expertise in. Given the constantly evolving technology, MMI stays at par with progress and designs courses that are in vogue with the ongoing trend and fashion. Students are delivered the best possible education in the realm of music as the institution is strongly infatuated with the idea of individualism and conditions every student, one at a time. If you are from Delhi, you can check out Delhi School of music for making a career in Music Industry.

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Courses offered by Mumbai Music Institute (MMI)

Let’s explore the courses that are offered by this powerhouse of music. They are as follows:

1. Performer’s Course: 2 & Half Month Course in Rs. 50,000

The course is designed to endow students with a whole spectrum of qualities required to succeed in the realm of music and industry. It seeks to help candidates achieve the best versions of themselves with the addition of following aspects:

  • Body language
  • Inner Confidence
  • On and off stage attitude
  • Personal Grooming
  • Social Etiquette
  • Presentation skills as an artist
  • Personality make over
  • Voice speech and diction
  • Marketing skills
  • PR and Global Interactions
  • Hands on training on sound and stage
  • Developing signature style
  • Creating and manifesting vision as a musician

The enquiry form can be accessed via the following link:

Detailed information about Course

2. Pro Tools Avid Certification

After completing this course, the students become very well versed and adept at using Avid Pro Tools to engineer a project to fruitiful completion. They are taught all the basic operational skills to record, edit, meld and craft the meticulously finished session.

Becoming an Avid Certified User for Pro Tools allows you to:

  • Demonstrate your fundamental competency in digital audio editing and mixing with Avid Pro Tools.
  • Provide measurable benefits to your employer.
  • Differentiate yourself from peers.
  • Make your resume stand out and leverage the power of the Avid brand with downloadable Avid Certified User logos.
  • Prove your credentials with a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Gain recognition from your employer and peers with our online Certified Professional listing.

The enquiry form can be accessed via the following link for Pro tools avid certification at Mumbai Music Institute:

Enquiry form for Pro Tools Avid Certification

3. Pro Sound Engineering: 1 year course in Rs. 2,75,000

The course curriculum can be bifurcated into the following levels:

Level 1:

This includes Fundamentals of Sound, Sound Principles, Studio Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Studio Microphones, Recording Equipment, Recording Techniques, Studio Monitors,

Equalisers, Dynamics,Reverberation, Echo and Delay, Digidesign Protools and Nuendo, Mixing and Mixing Techniques, MIDI & Virtual Instrument Production, Digital Audio Transmission, Mastering, Protools configuration, Advanced Recording and Mixing Techniques, Hardware Configuration and Surround Sound.

Level 2:

In this level, Basics of Sound, Equipment Overview, Health & Safety : Working in Music Venue Safely, Cables & Connectors, Microphone & it’s Techiques, Speaker & Monitors, Acoustics, Amplifiers & Crossover, Analog Board, Reverbs & Delays, Dynamic Processing, Music Appreciation/Compass of Instrument, Wireless and DI Box, Stage Management, Digital Board, FOH Mixing, Monitor Mixing, Stage Management, Calibration and System Engineering, SMART, Live Sound Recording, Larger and Outdoor Venues, Servicing and Handling Live Shows are covered.

To request a demo lecture and fill the enquiry form, click on the following link:

Enquiry form for Pro sound Engineering

4. Pro Music Production: 9 months course in Rs.1,40,000

The Pro Music Production course at Mumbai Music Institute is made to turn students into music pandits by imbuing them with all the necessary skills pertaining to the field of music. The course starts in full swing by first consolidating the fundamentals of the students with Music Theory. Great emphasis is paid on composition techniques and tunning systems. Students are also taught to handle and play a number of instruments and their voicing. This will provide a hands on experience to handle the actual real ones. Practise on DAW’s, recording and mixing tasks are commonly centralized within computers using workstations such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton, Cubase, and FL Studio, which all are often used with third party virtual studio technology plugins.

To know more about the curriculum levels and enquiry form, visit the following website:

Pro Music Product Course at MMI

Mumbai Music Institute has a whole catalogue of courses to choose from. So if you’re music crazy and also want to attain mastery of the notes, hit the internet and track down the enquiry form to get going.