Motivating Quotes and thoughts that will inspire you to succeed


The Goals were set!  Tasks planned!  Yet there are times where we just sit back with the final words “I quit! ”  or “I am done! ” this happens due to repeated attempts on achieving a target and when failure which had to be the stepping stone to success ends up hitting us hard, or when there are times we grow tired of tackling every single obstacle that drops in the path of success. It is quite common for any normal human being to give up after undergoing emotional and mental stress. So, here are some motivating quotes and thoughts which can help you overcome the stress.

Here are some Motivating Quotes and thoughts to inspire you

Sit back,  relax and remember the purpose behind your goal, the sole reason that got you to set up a goal in life, why did you want to be successful in life?  What was it that made you realize you wanted to achieve that particular goal which has made you begin the journey towards the doors of success although the paths were undefined? Think over the purpose, a few flashbacks would possibly linger in your mind. Just revisit the day you set up your mind on setting goal, ask yourself ” why did I want this?”

once you attain the perfect picture of your purpose story, the spark will surely get back into ignition letting you surpass everything that got between you and your dreams.

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

2. The Thought of Triumph

Once you have achieved your goal, the day that you win, the joyful victory of yours that would mean the best day of your life so far!  Envisioning is the most powerful tool to success, the thoughts of your victory, those goosebumps that you get when you think of your big happy day where all the hard work is paid off! Enjoy every glimpse of the triumph and believe it or not by thinking of the end product of your hard work you will eventually multiply the energy within you. A new zeal can be experienced which can give you a happy smiling face and great confidence to move ahead blocking every demotivating thoughts and unleashing the hidden powers within you because when you imagine your success you are already half way through!

 “Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.”

3. Thoughts of Penalty

Alright, the last thought which comes into play only after the above thoughts has failed to awaken you and get you rushing in the direction of success you can begin to think of penalty which you will have to face soon after giving up. Imagine all the hard work you did so far despite having obstacles obstructing your way to victory, all the people out there who wished you to fail or faces of those who discouraged you to forfeit you from your dreams of success. When you give up and sit back, they win and that would be quite disturbing to tolerate!  No matter how many times you deal with failure face to face just remember all those whom you may let down suppose you give up, yes there are quite a lot of people out there somewhere counting on you and your success, its important for to fight your way through every bad day because for them, for you it is very essential to put out the best in you until you kneel before success! Do not pay a though penalty to yourself only because you gave up today, don’t lose a great tomorrow because you gave up today!

“keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world. “

A collaboration of these three powerful thoughts and quotes, with a few deep breaths, can definitely extinguish your thoughts of withdrawal from any mission of success you ever wished to accomplish.

Have a great day!

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