Making Life Easy with Hostel Hacks | Tips to live Hostel life happily


So it is that time of the year when every student has nightmares of the actual world. This starts with the small step of getting into their desired college. As always not all are fortunate to get into nearby colleges and stay in their comfort zones under the protection of their parents. Many have to step out and do their colleges elsewhere. That’s when hostels come to the rescue. And let us be honest hostel are not a bad choice, indeed they are great fun, provided you are prepared for the good and the worst as well. So let’s get started by learning a few hacks and packing our bags.

  1. Mind Games
    It is important to be mentally prepared. Understand that these few years matter the most in your future. Also, remember that you are going to to be free in your new surrounding, and hence take up responsibilities.
  2. Packing Up
    Remember you are going to study, and not recreate a home. Also, you don’t want to be a laughingstock of carrying a heavy luggage. Just pack the essentials. Try to have separate handy bags for personal care, makeup, toiletries, etc. Carry 2-3 pairs of shoes. Try to pair your all tops and pants.
  3. Adjustment is the key
    Learn to adjust to the new people you meet, give it some time if things are not easygoing. Also, you must get adjusted to the new timing, food.
  4. Make friends
    Make sure you go out and get some fresh air. Also, you might make some new friends. Go to the ground or the library after college hours as these are places where you can meet people. Also, get enrolled in clubs of your choice.
  5. Learn the basics
    Learn basic cooking, you definitely don’t want to starve, this will come handy. Also, learn to wash your plates and clothes in case your college doesn’t have a laundry.
  6. Stay focused
    Put some motivating and reminders on your walls and cupboard. It can be things as simple as your shopping list or your exams goals.
  7. Plan your time wisely
    Spent your time wisely. Spend at least 2 hours every day to go through your day’s classes. Also, try online courses. It is equally important to develop your skills other than your degrees.
  8. Relax
    It is important to rest. Try not to compromise on your sleep. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.
  9. Fun time
    Hostel always has loads of unplanned fun, like midnight birthday blasts, festivals, study hours.
  10. Take breaks
    Take some me time, try to be physically active or put your creativity to work.
  11. Explore the new city
    Vist the new city with your friends, make friends group of about 5-10 people. Make sure you inform your parents and the hostel warden.
  12. Talk to the Seniors
    Make sure you know your seniors, they come handy during difficult times. like exam preparation or a moral support.

 Understand that this is a part of life. And you can make it. All the best of the bright future ahead. Just don’t give up.