Maitreyi College – Empowering Women since 1967


Maitreyi College, a premier institution for girls pursuing graduation and post-graduation, is posited in the South Campus of the University of Delhi. The college sprung up in July of 1967, primarily engineered for all-round development and edification of women. It sprawls regally in a 10-acre campus and stands to encapsulate the ideals of a Vedic sage after whom it is named.

The college community is greatly honoured to derive its name, ‘Maitreyi’ from an erudite woman scholar in the Vedic era. History has it that Maitreyi, the wife of Yajnavalakya unerringly chose the path of education over superfluous worldly possessions. She was asked by her husband to make a choice and the woman, without an iota of doubt, made an impeccable decision to pursue knowledge and flout transitory wealth. In Brihadaranyaka Upanishads, there occurs a climacteric episode featuring the couple and the crucial moment when the wife embraced knowledge as a way of attaining self-realization. It is this striving spirit that the college endeavours to imbue in their students via a blended system of tradition and modernity.

Maitreyi germinated from a modest initiative to a top-notch college of Delhi University. It was started in a mere school building in Netaji Nagar with a limited staff of 17 teachers, offering only B.A. (Pass) and B.Sc(General). Since then, the college grew to make rapid progress. It now offers postgraduate courses in Mathematics and Political Science. Not only that, honours courses in Physical and Life Sciences, Commerce and Humanities also figure in the choice list. Three-year undergraduate programme subsumes honours courses in English, Hindi, History, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology, Commerce, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology within it’s ambit.

Lately, the college has also started Post Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology, setting the first precedent of such kind in Delhi University. The institution focusses on e-learning methodology to prepare teaching material and education quizzes. Short term add-on courses in Web designing and Journalism are also offered by the college to increase chances of employment among the student body.

At present, Maitreyi College is situated in Bapu Dham, Chanakya Puri, amidst extensive playgrounds and open spaces. It is also a neighbour of the reputed Jesus and Mary College, another constituent college of Delhi University that lies just across the street to Maitreyi. An efficient faculty of 115 teachers and 90 administrative staff are sprinkled around the campus and work to maintain the legacy and lauded name of the college. Sports like softball, boxing, yoga, handball, volleyball, netball, baseball, basketball, NCC, NSS are encouraged and widely played by the girls.

Apart from the arena of sports and games, the college abounds in several cultural societies that work in full swing. They are:

1. Abhivyakti: The theatrical society.

2. Zeal: Western Dance Society.

3. Galore: The Fashion Society.

4. Riyaaz: Indian Music Society

5. Nrityakriti: Indian Dance Society that showcases varying dance forms of Indian states.

6. Vista: The Photography Society.

7. Trenchant: The English Debating Society.

The college also possesses a dynamic and zealous Enactus society.

Hence, it is needless to reassert that Maitreyi College is one of the most preferred colleges of South campus and DU as a whole, much eyed and aspired by young girls.

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