Guide for M.A (PSYCHOLOGY) – Distance Learning


We come from an education system where till our degree we are spoonfed with our syllabus, important questions and how to approach a difficult topic. Post graduation, well it is for grown-up people and PG from an open university is something like moving in the dark without any particular direction.

M.A Psychology Through IGNOU

“Psychology, the art and science of behaviour” is very abstract and without proper guidance, it can leave us frustrated. Just like I was, because I had no idea about the subject nor how to approach, why? because I have been spoonfed my entire life. I would probably not suggest studying psychology from open university but if you still proceed with it, these are things that helped me pass the exams.

The following link gives details about M.A Psychology from IGNOU

Materials I Found Helpful

The books which they provide may seem enough but since the subject is so vast and since it should be taken in relation to a lot of contexts, I would suggest broadening you book horizon. Psychology for dummies- the book is simple for understanding concepts but it doesn’t have much depth. You get an idea from the book but you can’t entirely depend on it from exam point of view.  My IGNOU co-ordinator who is a psychologist has written a book, that has been helpful. I am not sure it is available in other states  but if you are from Hyderabad ask for “Fundamentals OF Psychology by Pragya Rashmi

The next best helpful thing if you are not for books is The Internet, the mother of virtual knowledge. There are a lot of courses on Youtube. Search for individual topics. I have found Crash Crouse by Hank Green helpful and there is also a Channel called Sprouts and Khan AcademyMichael Britt and Counselling Tutors.

Assignment Writing Guide

Writing assignments is very hectic if not properly planned. IGNOU conducts classes on Saturdays and Sundays to accommodate people from working class too. I would suggest not to start the assignments before the classes begin because they might give guidelines on the format and rules of assignment writing. After the classes have been finished and before the exams started we had four months. These four months are enough, do not worry. Even if nothing is being taught in the classes I suggest you attend so that there is a chance of interacting with your peers, so that they can help you out if the programme coordinator is not available. People in the same boat are much helpful than those who are far away from us. Have at least one person you can freely interact and plan group studying if possible.

Examination Preparation for M.A Psychology

Assignments are a threshold for exam preparations. Even if you had no idea before what the syllabus is assignment writing makes up for it. We were advised not to write from the given course material. We had to search the net about the topics and edit to our convenience. In a way, the assignment papers form notes. There are a lot of theories which might seem confusing and frustrating at the first glance, but reading them twice or thrice, gaining new info on the topics from the net and writing the important points that differentiate each theory will help during exams. Focusing on the content rather than the end result is very important. Watching movies that throw light on psychological topics is also helpful.

The most important thing is not to allow yourself feel dejected if anything seems tough. It is very easy to say not to give up when the one facing the trouble is flummoxed. We need to remember there is ample time to complete the course. If you are going back to studying after some gap like I did, I sincerely implore you to read at least one concept a day, so that it will be easy to get back during exams. I hope you don’t give up how hard it might get and deep down believe that you can and you will do it.

May the odds ever be in your favour.!

More information can be found about the course and the syllabus in their website that I have mentioned below:

IGNOU – M.A Psychology Program