List Of Fun Activities To Do In College Premises | Enjoy College life to the fullest


College means all fun, no study, hangouts with friends, having boyfriend/girlfriend, exploring other colleges, fests etc. Is this what comes to mind when you think of college life? Well, sorry to say, but you are wrong. College is fun, but with a lot of studies, college means having a lot of friends and hanging out with them, but with sudden realisations that nobody is truly yours. College means exploring other colleges, but not when you are in an off-campus college.

We have to agree that the Bollywood movies have our minds with  very unrealistic image of colleges where the students do everything from ragging to love and love to sex, but do not study. After completing my first year I think I am qualified to say that college is not what you have thought during your school life. It is not going to be a Rahul Anjali story (KKHH). Now that I have told you that college is not equal to fun, so I feel that it is my responsibility to suggest you some fun activities that you can do in the college premises.

Make New Friends

Firstly make some friends because for most of us there is no fun without friends. It will take time but you can always manage to have two-three friends. Having some friends whose company you enjoy, ensure that you have a good college life.

Explore the college

Sounds boring? But trust me, some of us don’t know the 50% of the college campus, even after attending classes for one month. You don’t have restrictions to roam in the college, like you used to have in the school. Know everything about your college with your friends. You should know where is music room, where is computer lab, library, everything.

Join Societies

Honestly, you won’t have any proper fun inside college if you are not a part of any society, because you will feel excluded from everything. When in first year, give auditions for the societies that you think you are interested in. Even if you are not selected, you gain some experience. This will also help in interaction with seniors. And, societies are always fun.

Canteen and ground fun

Be the group of friends, that is always laughing and having fun, in the canteen, college playground, auditorium. And canteen is undoubtedly the best place to have fun, FUN WITH FOOD!

Attend the Fests

In DU colleges, from the month of January, nearly every week, there are fests, annual fests, departmental fests, and also fests of societies. Participate in the activities, such as debates, essay writing, poster making and other fun activities. Remember, participation is the key. You should not be sitting quietly in a corner, do explore yourself, that way you can get many ways to have fun.

Fun during group study

This is another pure form of fun. Try to study in a group and have fun with friends, while making lifetime memories. You may sit in library or playground to prepare for your exams. And, it is a proven fact, there is no group study without masti. 😉

I have seen two kinds of students, those who are always having fun, and those who are always unhappy. Try to be a student of the first category, and the above written options, though very limited, will help you in that.

Good luck with your college life. 😉